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Congratulations to Uncle Sam & Tim Nihan for winning the ProU award for most creative marketing campaign of Summer 2015 for a track. The specific track is an uptempo one by the name of “They Don’t Know About It”¬† Continue Reading…

[Video Spotlight] Behind The Scenes With The Arcitype

[Video Spotlight] Behind The Scenes With The Arcitype

Dopeness. The music behind the man.

I present to you The Arcitype, from Boston, the head of AR Classic Records, a producer signed to the legendary Duck Down Record label – and has one of the few legit studios in Boston – The Bridge Sound & Stage Studio in Cambridge

Found out about this video thanks to Jon Glass / Colin Mitchell (Composition) of Glasshouse Studios

It’s just incredible how many instruments he picks up and plays / how fast he was able to go through the workflow – to just see a master producer and the behind the scenes that went along with that was unbelievable – makes me slightly jealous but mostly happy and in awe that this shit is possible!…

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Behind The Scenes With The Arcitype"]