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Want to submit music or albums for review?

Send your music to with the headline [Producers United Music Submission] and then, tell us the artist + song name, or whatever you are submitting. Put [ProU Album Review Request] as the headline if you have a request for an album review.

We only have one rule: dont SUCK. And if you do suck, keep working on your music, but make sure you have another full-time job besides rapping or producing, because it’s not going to cut it with your lack of skill. You don’t want to be broke with a babymomma and paying child support. In fact, don’t have children, you’ll save a lot of money, which you can invest in a good microphone with.

And dont think she’s not going to be yelling at you when you spend all your time on nonsense, and you’re just complaining about her on your songs. This isn’t the key to success, bro.

“Why Iz You Writin Bout Me In Yo Latezt Rekord Called ‘Shez a Ho’!?”

Also, when you are submitting to any blog, don’t be insulted if we don’t post it: you’re supposed to submit your music to 100-300+ blogs if you really want exposure. And maybe 10 will post your music, but that doesn’t mean you give up!

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