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Music has always been the most consistent thing in my life. My earliest memory of it was when I was a kid and my Memere and my great Aunty Blanch would play piano duets at family parties. They would sing French songs and the whole fam would sing along too. Except for me, Instead I would stand right next to the piano in awe, blindly studying the way they were playing so intricately and projecting lyrics at the same time.

My brother, Richard, is an amazing guitar player and singer. He doesn’t play much anymore, but when I was a kid, he was in bands all the time. I remember when we lived in Ware, MA, he would always be in that back bedroom practicing and writing his own original songs. I would sit at the doorway in between the two bedrooms, and watch him, sometimes making drums sounds with a pencil on the side of the door frame. Every now and then Rich would bring me to one of his band practices (probably way past my bedtime), and I would sit in the corner and watch him and his bandmates jam. I could feel the energy they were sharing, and I just remember thinking to myself, “I want to be a performer one day”.

So, when I got to middle school, I decided to join the band. I wanted to play the trumpet or the saxophone, but we couldn’t afford to rent those instruments, so instead I did percussion. It only took me a few months until I became pretty decent, and shortly after I made the jazz band and was playing the full drum set for crowds of people. Those were some of the best moments of my life.

Why Hip Hop?

In the early 2000’s MTV music videos along with VH1 and Fuse were the sh*t! This is when I truly discovered my love for Hip Hop music. I was especially fascinated with artists like 50 Cent, Eminem, Ludacris, and Usher. They were simply popping and always on the radio at that time. A few years later though with YouTube coming out and my continuous pull to the genre, I started discovering artists like Tupac and Biggie, Big L, Gangstarr, Lil Wayne, The Game & so many more. That was when the real inspiration came. But in High School when I heard J Cole for the first time, that music is what made me decide I was going to be a rapper for real. I felt like I could relate to everything he was saying, and the project “The Warm Up” literally saved my life.

I used to walk around school with a big box of mixtapes selling them for $5 dollars. I did that for almost my entire senior year until I sold every tape. The music was trash back then, I needed a lot of work. I also used to get picked on and mocked for rapping. Ironically when I graduated, almost every note in my yearbook people signed said something like “don’t forget me when your famous” or “keep pursuing the music”.

I’ve had lots of high moments, and just as many low moments with my music. There have been times Tim (AKA Sincere / my best friend and music partner) and I have rocked huge crowds and we knew right then and there that this is what we are supposed to be doing. There’s been other times my performances have gone so wrong that immediately following my set I ran outside to the back of the venue and cried and told myself “This isn’t for me, I should just quit”. There’s so many moments I can speak on that have made me question what the heck I’m doing, but there is one consistent fact about my life: No matter what I’ve been through, no matter how many times my mind or interests have changed, no matter how many times I’ve horribly failed, there’s only ONE thing that’s never wavered. And that’s my love and pursuit of music. I’ve finally came to point in my life where I undoubtedly am sure that this IS my purpose. I have a line in one of my songs that says, “there’s no way I would have fell in love with writing when I was like 8, before I knew what love was”. There’s no way this would have happened to me if there wasn’t something larger at stake here. I’m right where I’m supposed to be. This doesn’t happen by accident.

The Project

idhba cover (final)

The title of this project plays off the exact idea it stands for. Whatever you are going through, wherever you are, whoever you’re with; everything is exactly how it’s supposed to be. This is the concept of me leaning into the life that I was blessed with. It’s filled with experiences, thoughts, observations, and a crap load of heart. I self-produced every song except for “Highs and Lows” which my brother Sincere produced and also features on. Sincere also engineered the entire project, and really flexes and shows his improvement over the years. He is my real-life hero.

I recently moved to NYC, which has been the city of my dreams since I was a little kid. I feel like me moving here is bringing my larger goals full circle, and through the (long and unsure) moving process – I was working on this music. Likewise, during that time, I had a lot of outside pressure from close friends which made me feel like I was supposed to be making a certain type of record to cater to the masses (or to cater to whatever they wanted to hear from me at the time). I get it, and I appreciated their advice, but it truly threw off my creative process, and I felt like I had a playlist of songs that didn’t represent who I am. I was frustrated. One day I said fu*k it and removed all the songs that didn’t feel right, and I was left with what you will all hear on September 30th. 9 fully vulnerable joints that take a dive into my life. A project that was made FOR me BY me. I hope you’re as excited as I am.

With all the peace,

~ William Wallace

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Written by William Patten


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