[Instrumental Tape of the Month] Tranzformer – No Quantizing in my Quarantine

Putting the spotlight on my buddy Airic aka Tranzformer.

I made a post on Facebook asking people to post their latest work. Wasn’t expecting to find one of my fav. instrumental projects of the year but that’s what happened with Tranzformer from San Diego’s new “No Quantizing in my Quarantine” project. It’s just so fun to freestyle to!

And the craziest part is part 2 drops Friday, and the 3rd soon after. I’ve been wondering what people have been up to quarantine-art-and-productivity-wise. He is without a doubt killing it and because of his humility he inspires others to get ish done too. This is what it’s about:

Let the quarantine switch on another creative department in your brain. Express those emotions you got stuck up in your head in art. All that quarantine goo can be turned into quarantine goo-ld.

There’s so much that can be done. Airic posted art on Facebook as well and makes some really dope trippy art . I’m pretty sure he created the art for the cover of the No Quantizing project. So you can get what I mean. Seeing him post them and videos of constant work shows the possibilities if we are willing to tune in to the right frequencies and put our heads down & just enjoy the arts & process.

I’m looking forward to continuing freestyling on the project and spreading the project so other emcees can listen and enjoy.

You can listen to the project here, on your favorite streaming platform.

(P.S I had asked on the FB thread about the meaning behind the title: he said

Quantized means when it puts all your notes in the correct timing …well during this Quarantine on this album what you hear is what you get nothing is auto corrected just pure raw swing ! Also it just sounds cool with two big words starting with a q haha !

I dug the art / and the title so had to ask.  Though admittedly, I don’t get many producer concepts , my brain knows when art vibes. And this is some fire you should listen to and can smile to.

Written by Shawn Patel

Founder of ProU - Not sure what to write here. I like marketing. I like rapping. I like clapping. I like laughing.
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