Hashassins drop self-produced E.P “Moments”

Hashassins drop self-produced E.P “Moments”

Let’s go baby.

Westfield, MA based hip hop duo “The Hashassins” consisting of William Wallace and Sincere just dropped a self-produced (minus the interlude) new EP entitled “Moments” to turn down some of our quarantine blues.

The interlude is produced by JPTRSMN, who I’m really impressed by, and I never heard of before. Peep a dope track of his here, “Bump” .

The young (though they’ve been around for a minute now) duo are always brushing up and learning new skills, and rightly so as you want to be able to do as much as you can independently.  They’ve always inspired me doing their own videography, editing, artwork, and a lot of beatmaking alone. They truly enjoy and live for the craft. No complacency.

What impresses me equally about them I believe is their shows and the following they get behind them.

I think people want to have fun and don’t get that in many places.

Last show I was trying to travel out an hour and a half (to Westfield) to reach their show, take pictures & video. I’d have to come back almost immediately because of curfew. I couldn’t make it , but they are one of the few musicians locally I’d regret like for a month I couldn’t go to a show of, because I know they really bring it.

Respect to this duo whom keeps experimenting and going for improvement, yet they’ve been meeting and working together since high school. I guess some of the best chemistry starts there (a la Tribe Called Quest & The Soulquarians). It’s a connection you see clearly on stage, and one of the best shows I’ve been to was their headline show at Bay State a few years back. Their passion is undeniable. You can see the hunger so evident in Wallace’s presence

Big shoutout to Sincere who I am proclaiming the “hook-killer of the month” for work on this album. An awesome job he did with “Fade Away” and “Something to Feel”, for the hooks. Probably my two favorite tracks on the album. Also shoutout to him for wearing the “Donuts” Dilla tribute sweatshirt on the artwork! It was something my old clothing line had released and he was our first and only customer (I’m not meant to be an entrepreneur, jajaja).

In a talk with Wallace, I mentioned they have had a lot of success and I think that the fact that Tim and Will are genuine people is part of what attracts people to them. He thanked me for feeling this way, and he wrote a statement and good thing to live by. “We just wanna have fun and be authentic while delivering classic records”.  Epic mission statement.

Stay tuned for more work from them including a solo album from one half of the duo in the works!

(Love this ‘Breaking In’ video they recently dropped . Also produced by JPTRSMN)


It’s a pleasure to see them growing & I look forward to what they do next. And seeing their next concert.

If you love that funky hip hop like I do  rewind a little bit to their “Movements EP” produced by one of my favorite producers, Shepard  (also discovered because of them),

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Written by Shawn Patel

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