Tashawn’s Back: Releases “Zoo” freestyle & ProU Choice for Local Video of the Year

My series of overdue articles continues. Had an article penned for Tashawn’s “Don’t Take It From Me” video back in November. I’m making this one to make sure people know he’s back, update you on his new “Zoo” freestyle as well!

What inspires the title for video of the year is my brother Jay Pluss of Producers United proclaiming the work of Tashawn his favorite of the year (2019). It was on repeat numerous times for both of us.

For me it was special because I was overseas in Spain at the time, so it allowed me to feel the feelings of and remember too, that the only home is home. That’s part of what art and music is about too. Validating you. Can you validate a part of someone that hasn’t been validated much, or they haven’t thought about? Anyway, Just an extremely catchy track.

He takes true pride in his art and performing. You might remember this article mentioning him as an artist to look out for when he was 18. His love for the game has stood the test of time though. Back in November, I saw this Bridgeside quick feature and was like damn… Tashawn’s back. That made me want to pen something immediately.

Tashawn Taylor at the Bridgeside CypherTashawn Taylor got something to say!!!

Video Produced by Aaron King
Beat by Isaiah Vest

Posted by Bridgeside Cypher on Saturday, November 9, 2019

He was scruffy & hungry. I know how artists can get when in a creative slump. But now he’s in the groove again. Tashawn’s back in action.

And it’s tough to be hungry YEARS after your rap career has started. Or any type of artistic career, you may be able to relate. Tashawn has a way of conveying that energy , and you can see it in a snippet like this on his InstaGram. But you still need to be THERE during the performance to really know what people are talking about. You gotta feel the energy, as cliche as that is. Sidenote: respect to him for sporting the Gerald “Hey Arnold” jersey in the 3rd IG clip on the IG post referenced.


Finally, enjoy the new Zoo Freestyle! Video by Aaron King of the Cambridge Hip Hop Collective, Ill beat produced by Tone Jonez. Hope to see these two work together more, the beat works well with Tashawn’s style.

Love the quote

Where I’m from they snatch you from your ride like a Trump sticker”

Thank you Tashawn for using your platform to uplift, lighten peoples day with the Facebook posts and promoting ‘being yourself’, ju$t like Jill, who I covered. You’re not afraid to be yourself and that’s what we need in people. Bless.

Written by Shawn Patel

Founder of ProU - Not sure what to write here. I like marketing. I like rapping. I like clapping. I like laughing.
Website: http://www.facebook.com/ShawnPatel

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