[Award] Time (of Time And Lepp): Most underrated / overlooked MC in NE hip hop of past decade

[Award] Time (of Time And Lepp): Most underrated / overlooked MC in NE hip hop of past decade

Congrats to Time aka Ryan O. of Time and Lepp for winning our award for most overlooked/underrated NE Hip Hop artist in the past decade!

Our goal is to put shine on talent especially if you might have not heard of someone. This doesn’t apply to the REKS’s and veterans of the scene.

An article covering a decade should be well written but I am giving up perfectionism. I used to write amazing long articles dedicated to my favorite artists. Just getting back in the article game and my goal is simply to recognize those who I respect & deserve some attention. Ryan deserves it & is one of my most respected emcees and it just seems almost effortless the way he puts words together. It’s rare you’ll find a verse or freestyle from him you won’t want to rewind a bunch of times. Sonically, it’s just on another level. It’s like he’s an alien built for hip hop.

So in this article I’m just going to give some examples of the craftsmanship I respect and you can see for yourself. Most of you reading already know of his skill. I hope to see more releases from him & that this article might inspire even one single or verse drop. If so it is a success . But I’m definitely looking forward to the next Time or Time & Lepp album. You can’t rush creativity though. However I believe he could drop some nasty stuff by the end of this year or next and the many people who respect his craft would be very happy.

Even a throwback series of what he has in the vault! I remember doing rain-check Monday’s where we would collaborate with Rain (of Rain & Moe Pope) releasing an unreleased track with a story behind it in the article & SoundCloud track description weekly back in 2015. Fans loved it. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just drop some fire!

Meant to originally release an article on this in January. Glad to just get it out and put some shine on a emcee I respect a lot.

Here’s some favorite stuff from Time and Lepp (Lepp is first on this video)

Just Rap.Just rap.
Prod. 1st Official
LFOD Radio #Cypher

Posted by Time & Lepp on Sunday, November 12, 2017

I was a big fan of the Time & Lepp video-show / podcast style. They would create a song on the spot and interview other artists. Hope to see something like that back as well. This was a classic. Go to the 19 minute mark to see them making the song.

It’s hard to mention Time also without mentioning LFOD Radio. Which he has some great drops on their Alumni Cypher series. This one is probably my favorite.


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Time (of Time And Lepp): Most underrated / overlooked MC in NE hip hop of past decade"]

Written by Shawn Patel

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