Scene Supporter of the Month: JU$T JILL

Scene Supporter of the Month: JU$T JILL

This is an article I wanted to do in November. I lost the rough draft. But I want to recognize her effect and supportiveness in the music community. It really should be titled “Community Supporter of the Month”. Many friendships and important collaborations have grown from nothing to beautiful things thanks to the New England Hip Hop music community.

Who I am talking about is JU$T Jill aka Jillian G.

Last year prior to leaving abroad in September I was more active going to events, and I had seen her support throughout the Summer. She was clearly always representing her hometown, Cambridge, MA where she’s from. Often she would display her abilities at the Bridgeside Cyphers, AKA the Cambridge Hip Hop Collective. What I love most and inspired me to write this article is the genuine support she has for fellow artists & friends to elevate their craft and mindstate. It’s mental health and love first. Not climbing a ladder of musical stardom.

The first time we met was at a Lupus fundraiser event hosted by the incredible Mr. PSA of Wreck Shop Movement. There, I had arrived late, like I usually do to most things [as well this article is 7 months late]. At the concert, I saw someone in the front rooting on all the artists, like REALLY listening to what they were saying, dancing, and showing a level of love you don’t really see. In my head I’m like wow that person is a HUGE fan and into it. It didn’t occur to me it was an artist. But it was JU$T JILL, of course.

In a community that has been often self-criticized for people leaving quickly after their own set, not supporting others, this was very rare to see. Many artists pretend to like each others work just in the sake of networking. That’s silly and you’re a SIMP if you do that.

Her passion for the game & fellow artists is raw and reminiscent of the innocence of a lot of the 90s kid / Nickelodeon material she reps that you would see on her Facebook page. For her it’s clearly about FUN. Inspiration. Spreading knowledge. If you see her at a Bridgeside Cypher you can feel the positive energy. That is JU$T Jill.

A taste of her music: as a comedy emcee I respect the tone in “Smack”, Booty Bandit and Poochie Gang.

And absolutely love the message on this track

Stay safe, peace

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Written by Shawn Patel

Founder of ProU - Not sure what to write here. I like marketing. I like rapping. I like clapping. I like laughing.

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