[New England Hip Hop Woman of the Year] Amanda Shea

[New England Hip Hop Woman of the Year] Amanda Shea

I don’t want to write this article because no matter what I say it wont do her justice. (No born. S/O Justice tho). I don’t even know Amanda all that well. All I know is that she deserves the heck out of this award and she is a ray of light to ALL those in the hip hop industry: and probably to a lot who lost their light. I don’t need to have met Amanda to see she is a selfless giver, and to see she does it unconditionally. It’s called InstaGram Stories.

She provides that -temporary light- over people’s head until they can see and be inspired by their own greatness themselves. In life, I think everyone needs that first believer. A constant believer, actually.

I don’t like using the term cheerleader because she’s a highly recognized artist/poet/organizer/host (of Vibes & Offering) amongst a host of other things but it takes a certain humility + vulnerability to be an open ‘cheerleader’ for artists like SHE is. In an industry where  many of our own FAMILIES don’t support our ventures, I think I can speak for all artists when I say we welcome that joyful love she provides with open arms.

Michelle Richardson is another powerful woman, with an overflowing fountain of love: one whom many of us in the industry consider as a second mother-figure. She deserves her own article and award. Lisa Finelli the whole time I knew her while I was more active in the hip hop industry (2014-2017) could have won influencer of the year *any* of those years.


A New Era of Humility / Keep Going Despite What Anyone Thinks.

Keep going despite what anyone thinks. Keep creating despite what anyone thinks.
I guarantee you Amanda would agree with this sentiment as a sensitive soul like myself – she wants to hoard and hide. [Also why I really appreciate her *breathtaking* model photos and her bravery despite mentions of fear putting it out to the world].

But she doesn’t listen to that ‘hiding’ voice. She listens to the one that says [keep going. keep stretching. do one more interesting thing. try this new thing. Let me mentor for ZUMIX. etc]

Remember that we are all the ‘evil character’ in *somebodys storybook*. Someone hates me, Michelle, and Amanda. I can vouch I could interview 1000 people about Michelle & Amanda’s influence on them and you’d get 1000 knocking down the wall to share their positive stories. There’s still that one person whose miserable.

It’s nice to see unity. We’re all competitive creatures underneath it all, but if we are able to put aside our competitive spirit for bringing everyone up – it’s something special. Amanda, I feel, is bringing in an era of fellow women supporters who are not faking. There’s more real sister-like love in hip hop than I’ve ever witnessed. Again, S/O InstaGram Stories.

When I returned to social media / the scene in late 2018 I was a bit shocked by all the love & shoutouts & new talent in our scene. Most of them women such as frequent supportees of hers Brandie Blaze and Red Shaydez.


Women In Hip Hop : A Meteoric Rise

Part II of  “Women In Hip Hop” presented by Uncle Sam/LFOD Radio will air 9 PM on Tues Feb 5th, featuring Lisa Finelli, Jessica Richards, Arielle Gray and herself. Shoutout to these four women because they really opened my eyes to what it is like for the female perspective in the industry. I almost felt hurt because they were so hurt. Like it was an attack. But that’s just my fragile ego. That’s how you know it’s a good episode.

But if I was shocked/defensive just *listening* – imagine how much THEY had to go through, BEING a woman in the industry. It’s frightening. The aspect of ‘Women can’t complain because they will be looked at as crazy’ in action. (Or at least highly exaggerating). It’s quite scary. Maybe because we know women are so good at hiding [it] and so *USED TO* hiding their pain. Thanks to the episode, I learned how to be more empathetic to a woman’s situation: Many of the things they commented on I wish I knew earlier.

There’s a chance if you’re one of these four women you are stronger than any guy in the industry. So although they do not *need our help* its our job as men I feel to educate our fellow brethren and protect the women we are around. In the industry or not. There’s blind spots where we don’t even know what we are doing wrong.

There’s people we do not understand – and we should try to learn how they feel.

That’s why we have to listen.

Enough of me talking.

Listen to Part I that I’m referring to.


Some More Love

Quote from DJ WhySham’s article: 10 Favorite Boston Moments of 2018 on Amanda:

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 12.40.29 AM
And some MORE more real love from Bakari JB (our 2018 MC to look out for), (who is currently kicking buttons on the #belowzerotour with REKS, Lateb / Oblivious & more) as she said in a thank you note to him.

bakari love
(I meant kicking “butt on” the tour but I’m keeping that typo.)

To sum it up, congratulations to Amanda Shea for winning our award for New England Hip Hop Woman Of The Year – 2019. THANK YOU for what you do. Thank you thank you. You are an inspiration to me and many. All the blessings to you.


Background Blabber and her Viral Lyft Video

I first knew of her through a post the aspiring artist and entrepreneur Rex Mac made about people you need to know in the scene – in 2017. Sent her a friend request (Maximum reached), so we did not really get to know each other though this was the necessary seed planted to meet [eventually]. Big big shoutout to Rex Mac. Very kind gentleman and industry leader-connector + dope artist/producer. He has a new video coming out soon, being shot by Kat Waterman [ridiculous visual artist], and I know it’s going to be illmatic.

So we hadn’t talked for a long time and then the 2018 spark I had to reach out again was seeing her video as a Lyft driver doing an incredible piece. She’s just a really grateful human and its’ nice to see someone who gets recognition still be a sincere soul and be so happy about someone watching her video. If you haven’t checked it out: prepare yourself for some goosebumps 🙏

[Featured Photo Post Credit: the amazing Kay Piazza -> @Lensbhonest on an iPhone 7 somehow!)

Last Words

The craziest thing of all to me, beyond being the most amazing scene supporter you can ask for, is I feel there’s so much more she has inside of her that she has yet to unleash. A lot of powerful art. I’m looking forward to Amanda Shea headliners and sold out shows and this is what excites me too and what I *truly* want to highlight for this article. We can’t wait and are ready to support the FULL Amanda Shea experience. Give us your best shot 👊 – whatever you dream to express most, you will be supported! 🙏

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Amanda Shea"]

Written by Shawn Patel

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