[New England’s Most Influential Podcaster & Scene Supporter 2018] Uncle Sam of LFOD Radio!

[New England’s Most Influential Podcaster & Scene Supporter 2018] Uncle Sam of LFOD Radio!

F*** writing articles in the middle of the Winter. But I’ll do it for the f***ing man Uncle Sam.

Most Influential Podcaster & Scene Supporter for the New England Region 2018 – Uncle Sam.

We are super excited to announce Uncle Sam MC as our choice for the most influential podcaster (of LFOD radio) & scene supporter in New England hip hop for the year ending 2018! And possibly unbeknownst to most its quite an active scene. Boston is making a lot of moves (something I only found the full extent of while listening to the annual “State of New England Hip Hop” 2018 podcast episodes).  I HIGHLY recommend checking it out!  If you’re an artist, manager, marketer, promoter on the scene. Just so many gems. And so much optimism its beautiful.

Link: Part I (with industry greats Bedlam & Dart Adams, plus Tim Larew : the genius behind Cousin Stizz, Cam Meekins, Michael Christmas).
Link: Part II (with rising star Oompa & Boston mainstay Latrell James, M-Dot couldn’t make it)

As a marketer my favorite was Part I, but there are a LOT of important gems in part 2. Also highly recommend the “Women in Hip Hop” episode (featuring Lisa Finelli, Jessica Rich (Latrell’s manager), Amanda Shea, and Arielle Gray). It changed my perspective on women in the entertainment industry period. It gets uncomfortable at times but that just shows you how uncomfortable it may get for these women MANY times. Twas’ eye-opening. Most [male] podcasters would not be bold enough to do such an episode. It was awesome getting to know more about Oompa in Part 2 – I had been seeing her name EVERYWHERE. I knew not much of her ambitiously child-like spirit and I’m now a fan because of this episode. Her & Latrell show you how much more is possible for Boston artists than the boxes we have historically shelved ourself in.

Flashback & His Authenticity

Quick side flashback: I remember years ago being brought on for an interview with LFOD where Sam could figure out “what the F*** is a producer united?”. What struck me is he was genuinely interested in finding out. First I wanted to bring some artists on so they could promote themself. But he was more interested in the story and what was behind the team/the creation, etc. This is what continually amazes me about him. He is GENUINELY interested in knowing what people are doing, and what makes them tick. With no ulterior motive. You can FEEL it in the interviews if you listen to ANY. You rarely find this in the industry, let alone anywhere. I saw this most probably (his penchant for understanding who you are – in the Women in Hip Hop episode). It was a platform that the women in our scene I feel really needed and it could inspire the next generation of women who want to do badass things in our scene!

If the scene was full of Sams we’d have a f***ing fun as f*** scene. I can tell you that much. He’s the creator of the 24 in 24 tape. The artists who are fans of his show are so diverse. He’s so anti-clique its impressive. There’s an artist he’s interviewed from every single clique in Boston and the surrounding area, and he fuses them together sometimes on the same show. I love that. Blurring lines in Boston. It makes it seem like family.

Thank you for your knowledge and selflessness Sam. Congrats on winning and very well-deserved! Very excited for things to come in 2019. love how much unity there is that is being created and it would not be possible without people like you.

Follow his artist website here or his SoundCloud for his weekly artist podcast & music releases!

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Uncle Sam of LFOD Radio!"]

Written by Shawn Patel

Founder of ProU - Not sure what to write here. I like marketing. I like rapping. I like clapping. I like laughing.
Website: http://www.facebook.com/ShawnPatel

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