The Gift of Being a Music Producer

Being a music producer is powerful. You make magic out of thin air. You paint houses for artists to live in for the rest of the career.

You design the room space, the furniture and the colours.

Ultimately what decisions are yours now and then immortalised. From my
time making music and especially the past year I’ve learned so much about production; from beat construction to live recordings, texture building and sound manipulation.

It’s a gift to be responsible for the creation of something beautiful. Learning from peers with more insight is humbling and time saving as the work moves quicker. There really isn’t a beginning and end until the very last second before the music is out to the public.
I’ve made instrumentals at unreasonable hours and heard them sent back with vocals which made me realised it’s all worth it. I’ve re-tweaked mixes just to correct the most minor details. I’ve removed songs from projects because they weren’t strong enough.
I can’t run away from my passion. Doing so would be disingenuous to myself, the people I love and to the world. People need to hear what we’re saying and what we’re making. Hopefully I can look back on this post with smile and see what’s happened.
This is not done alone but with an incredible support network spread across arrays of friendships and other significant people throughout the years of my life. They’ll be the ones I’ll take along for the ride.

I ramble like this more on Twitter.

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Written by MisterrCha


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