ProU 2018 Breakout MC of the Year Choice: Bakari J.B

ProU 2018 Breakout MC of the Year Choice: Bakari J.B

I am happy to make my return to writing to announce our breakout/underrated MC of the year choice – Bakari J.B.

I call him the James Harden of Boston Hip Hop. He makes it look too easy. Insulting terrible emcees without addressing them directly, with his talent.

Secretly, I’ve admired his talent from a distance for years, really feeling the soul he brings, and being put on more heavy – when Mr.Fritz of ProU mentioned some of his lyrics / ability when they went on the “Boston Bullies” tour together. Mr. Fritz is a student of the game. When you get sincere heart-felt co-signs from acts like Fritz & Relentless (not to mention REKS, who brought him on tour in Europe) – you know there is something special about an emcee. I admired also his performance at Opus when the Bullies visited and his performance energy and passion were clearer than daylight.

To be the best in the game, you must have the confidence of a Harden, a Curry, or a Bakari JB. This is what I respect about these people. They NEVER let anyone tell them they are anything near subpar. If they did, they would not be where they are.

Music has always had a place in my heart, but a big reason for writing this article is because I’m moreso a student of life. And I see Bakari JB going very very far with this attitude. A confidence but not an air of arrogance to where he would ever put down his peers. He would only work on HIS game. Like a Curry.

Smooth flow like butter. Just a fun MC to listen to . And one you secretly hate if you’re a fellow-MC – hearing a clever line you should have came up with.

Congratulations, man. And on your success so far.
Do big things. Continue to make your city proud.
We look forward to you reaching all your dreams.

Peep some of his incredible tracks below: and his latest tape: “Infinity Tape, 1,2,3

I will start with the track that inspired me to remember him for Breakout MC of the year choice to our staff, “Glory”. I especially love the touching lyrics on “View.0” from his new tape.

Widely underrated, we believe if he perfects the work ethic and releases a steady pace of music and mixes in a bigger audience with his skill – he will reach unfathomable heights. It may take til end of 2019 or longer to get the recognition he deserves. But we are confident that if continues to do what he loves, it’s only a matter of time.

Whatever it is, this is the year you will see him be a household name in Mass, and then it’s off to the races.

This is old but gold, to get a taste of his cleverness.

I’ll leave you all with some inspiration from the Boston hip hop scene by Bedlam, a friend and businessman I look up to – to get us to the next level. (Courtesy the DOPE #LFODRadio, my favorite podcast on the scene). As well I recommend you check out their powerful interview with Latrell James & Tashawn Taylor – where Latrell speaks upon the power of patience for a musician.

Strategize. Find what works for you, and master your dreams. Life is short, but life is long too. So don’t underestimate the power of meditating on your actions, mixed with confidence you will make it, and consistent action. Teach and serve others. These are some of the takeaways I pulled out from the genius James. Most of all, nothing trumps hard work, he’s in the studio making 1 beat, and 1 song a day. And thinking & acting like a business. How are you going to fail with this attitude? You cannot.

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Written by Shawn Patel

Founder of ProU - Not sure what to write here. I like marketing. I like rapping. I like clapping. I like laughing.

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