Flowrunner Release Comedic Video For “THOT PATROL”

Newly-formed EDM/Hip-Hop duo Flowrunner. Looking to make a big splash into 2018 with the release of their brand new sexually-driven comedy influence video, “Thot Patrol”.
Directed and also produced by Michael Chung and Bronson Diallo. Flowrunner is lock and loaded with a pair of Dildo-silenced machine guns. Portraying Bad Boys Police Officers in search of the This-This Town’s undercover Thot Ring. In hot-pursuit, Flowrunner breaks up the ho train and are awarded by the Mayor with decorated honors. Action-packed white sustains shootout scene and sexually influenced laughter, this is the perfect jump on point for any new fan of the duo.
Flowrunner has been busy throughout the year building both credibility and a massive fanbase for themselves. Opening for 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, and plenty more well-known Hip-Hop acts. Based out of Los Angeles, Flowrunner’s “Thot Patrol” is a lead up to a big 2018 debut following their self-titled August 2017 EP.

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