Space Candy Brings ‘Soft Circles’ to the Dancefloor

Space Candy Brings ‘Soft Circles’ to the Dancefloor

The EP starts with a exercise in jump-up with rhythms that propel a visceral response mixed with tense gospel-esque chords. The shifts are fast and without warning in melodic or rhythmic content. It makes for a unpredictable listen which keeps you engaged in experience and reaction.

Genres and sub-cultures are swallowed whole, the tiniest elements of their framework can still be seen, however from new angles. Hardcore’s in there, future bass is in there with ever-morphing low end, IDM looms large from the electronic mountaintop too.

The constant shifts in sound actually remind me of jazz piano virtuoso Art Tatum and how his piano playing shifts in mood, tone, phrasing and speed.

Anxiety Ooze’s tone focuses on more internal spaces with a drum pattern that nods to classic 00’s beat construction (a la Hudson Mohawke/Flying Lotus)

It’s constant high energy throughout,with small passages of more insular introspection.

The final track strikes a more melodic canvas with a 4×4 pulse; invoking the best memories of video game soundtracks (looking at you Street Fighter Alpha 3) and feel-good dance music filled with sound bytes to reinforce the groove.

Soft Circles is a welcome addition to Space Candy’s discography sitting with the 2016 EP ‘Forest’ with offers wonderful sonic snapshots of their world. Soft Circles showcases textures and tempos that make Space Candy’s work some of the most exciting and electrifying to watch out now.

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Written by MisterrCha


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