The Hashassins Show Fresh Funky Side on “Movements”

William Wallace & Sincere (Tim Barry) of The Hashassins combine with one of  my favorite producers , Shepard (whom I discovered through them) to create a fresh funky new hip hop album, showing they can hang with the best of them. This was a direction I did not expect from the young soulful MC duo. Both are budding producers (with Tim also being an engineer). And Tim of Soul School Productions, actually engineered this project himself.

Return of The Reviews & Hash-spirations

This is my first album spotlight in 6+ months mainly because music bores me these days. I also heavily f*** with William Wallace as a person. Tim Barry has always been a stand-up act. Watching Wallace grow and use his environment and struggles to push himself creatively to the farthest limits he’s ever pushed himself has been inspiring to say the least. Profiling artists such as Token, we at ProU are fixated with work ethic. And Wallace has it. You need to be obsessed with creating, to make it in today’s day and age of music.

Seeing Tim (4 years my junior, at 23) for years discipline himself as an engineer, videographer in addition to being an MC has been incredible & eye-opening, personally making me want to soak up as much knowledge in creative realms as possible. He doesn’t believe in limits. They don’t come up in his peripheral. I would describe him as relentlessly positive – the way he picks up skills without second doubts and a few months later he is producing mass material.

On the album, I love the Art: and diverse ability they show on this project. Not one-trick-horses with old school hip hop flavor – they bring you some fresh funky hip hop that make my car speakers, and bass extremely happy. I urge you to load up the album and get to your car ASAP.


Seeing them tear up the ProU Sponsored William Wallace birthday party in 2016 was one of my favorite moments in our brand / event history. It still lives in my head today. Their chemistry & energy is not commonly found, especially in the Boston scene, more known for being full of egos.  Their classic rendition of “Like This, Like That” was not one to miss.

It’s not a surprise they were best friends in high school.

Here’s another bonus hidden gem from the duo also produced by Shepard, engineered by Tim.

Enjoy & Stay tuned for more.

Written by Shawn Patel

Founder of ProU - Not sure what to write here. I like marketing. I like rapping. I like clapping. I like laughing.

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