Happy Birthday to a King, Hip Hop

Happy Birthday to a King, Hip Hop


Technology almost always causes a change. Using technology under specific circumstances creates something unique.

Both these apply to hip hop. Making what you can with what you have. DJ Kool Herc did his best with scratching, extending drum breaks for breakdance and MC’ing. 40 years later this generation is making music with synthesisers on computers with digital sounds.
Change is something that hip-hop’s been able to digest well, morphing it’s sounds over time – from sampling the past to removing itself from the past completely and embracing the unknown for better or worse.
Hip Hop’s had a long slide to the top of the totem pole where it can rest. It’s all I saw growing up, it’s almost the only thing I heard. I knew the stereotypical rap lifestyle through MTV Base before I probably knew the circumstances that created the style of depiction.
Hip Hop has the ability to reflect the world in a completely unique way through characters, personas, alter egos that make you feel invincible or the complete opposite. It’s a testament to the art form as it’s expanding regionally and globally over the past four decades.
Musically, stylistically, financially it’s helped pave the way for the previously impossible now being possible (shoutout to Diddy and HOV and more)
For something that’s given me to learn, so much to feel and so much, I’m thankful for hip hop’s existence and the 44 years of undeniable effects it’s had on the world since.
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Written by MisterrCha


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