I Can’t Wait for the Next Autotune

I Can’t Wait for the Next Autotune

Honestly I love autotune. I just wanted to clear that up before you go any further. If you think autotune killed hip hop, then did the talkbox kill funk, did the vocoder kill?… See how redundant that question is? Technology’s here to stay. Pitch correction is something that’s fascinated me – in fact I like autotune when it’s used more obviously and extremely.

(shoutout to T-Pain for putting me on this.)

 Rather than subtlety to ensure 100% perfect pitch (basically 90% of mainstream pop post-2006.
I’m a believer in accessible technology for better or worse, sure autotune may be accessible to the masses and used incredibly widely within popular music, BUT there’s still going to be people who will use it in interesting ways.
I mean looking forward, we have the Prismizer (see Kanye’s All We Got and most of Coloring Book/Close to You on Frank Ocean’s Blonde) but I imagine the public won’t have hands on that for a while. So whatever the next audio wizard develops somewhere in the world I’m in open hands for it.
New technology leads to new sounds and discovering new sounds leads eventually into new movements which turn land into new styles of music.
From the spirit of Stevie’s talk box to Imogen Heap’s use of the vocoder to T-Pain, Kanye and now Travis Scott’s use of Auto-Tune, here’s to the next advancement of vocal processing.
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