Reflection (Thoughts): The Internal Turned Personal

Reflection (Thoughts): The Internal Turned Personal

Everybody loves music. Everybody’s always able to inject themselves in the music whether they can relate to the artist or not. It’s great, ain’t it?

It’s hard to write about music effectively because some things just go beyond explaining and research and contextualising. It just resonates. Or it can be therapeutic.

It’s exactly what ambient music does for me (the latter). The more I look at these screens (the same screens, you’re reading this piece through) my attention darts across hundreds of people’s lifes across the funniest, thought provoking, cute and downright devastating.

Ambience functions like a windscreen wipe through the attention economy. It gives me room for a much needed Reflection.

It hasn’t been out for a full year but it feels so familiar, I can’t even remember how it progresses, it’s honestly a smudge.

My relationship changes with each listen similarly to how the app version changes.

The more I live with it, the more of my own life experiences get entangled with it, giving it it’s own recipe of escapism for me.

I’ve thought about time, my own mortality, my future, letting go and everything under a sun, a just about to graduate undergrad can think of it in regards to sustainability and stability. 

One thing I can say for sure is I am thankful for Reflection, now and forever else when I’ll return to it.

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Written by MisterrCha


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