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YouTube Curation For Music Is The Way Forward by @MisterrCha

YouTube Curation For Music Is The Way Forward by @MisterrCha

When I see a producer’s rise to success, there’s usually a YouTube channel (or few) that’s a piece to the puzzle in exposing their work to a larger audience. Taste making in the digital age is nothing new.

It’s been around in blogs, forums, file sharing, messaging, pre and post Web 2.0. What’s new is who’s behind it. We control it By the people, for the people. All you need is patience, branding and lastly – good music.

You can do it without the taste making of YouTube channel but they definitely speed up the process. Subscriptions are like home deliveries, quick and convenient. We ain’t gotta leave.

I mean the medium’s young but it’s definitely hit a peak with channels such as Majestic Casual being around since 2011, there’s obviously precursors to this but Majestic and other contemporaries definitely signalled a shift away from older methods into something audio-visual and direct.

Then turned simple music uploading into dollars and cents where brands, communities have been formed. I’m sure even life-changing occurances like soulmates have been met through events held by these curators.

It’s the power of the digital and the heart of music coming as one.

As with any form of curation, there tends to be a process of homogenisation in which the content fits a pre-determined criteria, thankfully we are running on a by the people – for the people ethos which means plenty of channels to fit plenty of sounds.
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