Melle_Brown Premieres ‘So Into You’ from Blossom

Melle_Brown Premieres ‘So Into You’ from Blossom

The UK being a melting pot is nothing new at all. But it’s what each generation of artists do with the melting pot that make it new. Grime reverse vacuums from Garage, Garage reverse vacuums from the space of jungle music. Fast forward 20+ years later and we arrive where Melle Brown is.

Melle Brown takes the free form of UK funky and staples that right against the frictious rhythms of garage with shuffling house-hats that create a woozy push-pull sonic cocktail. It’s dance floor ready and neo-soul heavy. Danni Wells adds a breath of light reverbed air as a counterpoint to the warbled, interlocked production.

It’s fresh and exciting: standing out amongst it’s contemporaries. If the track were a person I’d be ‘so into you’.

Till next time,MisterrCha.

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Written by MisterrCha


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