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4 Great Songs You Missed Out On In February

I’m not too much of a covers person especially if the original song is something I like alot just the way it is. But there’s something to be said about the poise and calmness of this cover. Angelic vocal runs, silky inflections, savagery courtesy of the original, Tess makes a rendition that feels singular with wings of it’s own.

There’s something to be said about how electronic music brings the past and future together that makes the present. Blue Canarinho uses this theory to full effect. Wonky breakbeat drums, scratches, a slightly out of reach piano loop are the only things here but they feel larger than life.

Deconstructions are a madness right? Yes. But they’re one of the things that drive music forward. Having the backbone of sound deconstructionist Timbaland against MR KRABS ability to chop an R&B banger to a 140bpm funky jam whilst maintaing a groove is a skill.

The original melody defragmented to stabs and miniscule repeats almost create a full circle contextualising the original production back to Timbaland’s ethos of warped drum’n’bass from a Grime edit. An impressive feat.

There’s heaps of unusual truth here (even though we’re in a post truth world, whatever that means lol) “Even your mother is likely very mean” – sounds absolutely absurd to hear on an uptempo delight, but true. With some well laced satire and tongue and cheek over atonal soundscapes, it’s a razor sharp cut.

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