2016 and Millennial Explicitness

2016 and Millennial Explicitness

Google the phrase ‘swearing in pop music’ and you see a flurry of thoughts about an increased trend of foul language (doesn’t it feel like that every year?!), outcries for squeaky clean music of the past and this is it, this is the last straw. This can’t go on any longer! ™

Yeahhhh…. alright.  What I’m trying to get it in particular, is how 2016 (the year of all surprises) – further shatters expectations of what can be said.
The moment we all heard the infamous ‘And if I fuck this model…’ sequence on Father Stretch My Hands Pt 1, we knew we were in for it.

Fast forward the year, songs such as Formation, Broccoli, Needed Me and their proclamations of defiance in expectations through “fuck your white horse and a carriage”, “when he fuck me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster” and “Nigga touch my gang, we gon’ turn this shit to Columbine”.


Down to the core all of these statements tap into a reflection and moment in time with where we are as a society, culture and among Millennials as social attitudes change and push boundaries of what’s accepted and casual and what isn’t.

Ultimately expressing our most inner thoughts without shame (sometimes with satire, sometimes with disgust).

In a age where communication gets even more ambiguous and not always 100% clear, at least the music can reflect what’s going on inside us a little bit clearer.I just wanna feel liberated *in autotune voice*, and I guess this is how it’s going down.

Till next time, friends.


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Written by MisterrCha


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