Album Review – A Look Into Eastbound Blue by MisterrCha

Album Review – A Look Into Eastbound Blue by MisterrCha

Eastbound Blue paints the pictures of inner city life with such attentive shades of colour across 13 tracks. Some muted and low in saturation and others highly vibrant, but it’s this attention of detail where Eastbound shines.

Take opener ‘2 Minutes of Fun’ where a cascade of horns, strings and faint piano notes are placed against southern drum programming. The idea shows a utopia, a possibility,

The interplay of the instrumentation gives the track, an off kilter but distinct character.

As the record moves, the lights fade and the colours are reduced to hone in on specific emotions.

Colours, Roaming have a nocturnal presence, Fucia is a beast of dissonance and bass, as a palette and room shaker.

Wednesday is a moment of introspection, determination and persistence with a slug like bassline and string sections doing an orchestration of their own, positioning themselves as judge, jury, executioner.

Photography by Blue Canarinho

Photography by Blue Canarinho

These moments are all quick and never overstay their welcome. Genre interweaves throughout, grime could be used as a descriptor for the project but moments exist outside the grime soundscape – there’s a fair degree of ambient and minimalist ideas present (something that Brian Eno and the ambient pioneers would smile at).

Even a slice of an 8-bit banger (in the name of Playboy) which wouldn’t be odd on the latest ‘Lil *insert phrase here* ‘ project.

Stellar sequence placement of Salt, Jupiter and Seven (featuring co-production from Ekene Emmanuel) are sure to curate some emotion. Textures are the larger priority (and rightly so) as the drums take a slight backseat to mix for us to make sense of the environment Blue creates.

Jupiter draws a textbook page from the Eski soundscape with an OG lead (a la Ruff Squad productions) with a matching modernist approach leaving this sounding fresh in the age of bootlegs and refixes of the past.

Eastbound Blue Cover Artwork

Eastbound Blue Cover Artwork

Eastbound Blue is a testament to the environment it was created from – staying true to the colours of the borough, whilst peaking outside and exploring the possibility of more. ‘More’ is going to be exciting wherever Blue Canarinho chooses to explore.

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MisterrCha saying peace, till next time.

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Written by MisterrCha


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