Who Cares?! – I.O.D Asks The Most Important Question You Can Ask

Who Cares?! – I.O.D Asks The Most Important Question You Can Ask

Who Cares?! This is probably one of the most important questions you could ever ask. When you ask Who Cares?!, it’s pretty much the beginning to a whole potential of ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions. It’s a process. It can be brutal as it questions your intentions.

Already in 45 words I’ve presented you with a plethora of thoughts I assume (or not.) Well, I.O.D does the same throughout the course of his track ‘Who Cares?!’.

Thankfully he does this with a fun and carefree ethos (yet there’s alot of care in the lyrics, an apotheosis of this track). The production feels like a circus party filled with quirky melodies, tense drum programming with a killer low end groove, provided courtesy of London eclectic MisterrCha.

Back to the lyrical content: liberation for people, abundances, systematic money theft and economic disparities are only the surface of the themes commented on the track.

This isn’t for the weak-hearted, there’s no rest with the unrelenting spread of ideas and no time to process. Only after several inspectations can we see what’s here.

But who cares?

Till next time, from MisterrCha.

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Written by MisterrCha


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