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[ProU Premiere] Shalom & Aisling Peartree Drop Debut “SAIL” off Unreleased E.P

We all have addictions that finally catch up to us. Food, relationships, drugs, or even seemingly innocuous behaviors like being habitually late [i.e writing this article]. We also have positive addictions. Personally, my addiction is to good music. Music that makes you feel good.

So it was no wonder that I became attracted to Shalom & Aisling and their music. As Shalom would describe it it is music that can keep you in high spirits while at the SAME time – spreads an important message about our society and what is going on around us. What needs to change. Freedom music, as they would call it.

You feel as fucking free as a bird just listening to it. I recommend singing along. You can’t sing along and not feel healed. It’s why at shows the energy that is left with fans is still felt 20 minutes after the performance.

Little known fact: you are 35% more likely to meet the love of your life after sharing an experience post-Shalom & Aisling performing.

So it goes without saying: We are INCREDIBLY honored to have ProU be chosen to premiere such a powerful/STRONG anthem & the debut single off their upcoming “Angels In The City” E.P!

It perfectly aligns with our values and we know the impact the track will make.


When I spoke to Shalom & Aisling a week ago it was clear this has been their most proud project of their existence. I could immediately see their eyes light up & becoming happy when they spoke about the project. It was inspiring just to to even witness.

THAT is how all projects should make the artist(s) appear.

THAT is how you know you’re dealing with TRUE musicians. And that you should be excited for a project.

They both have projects in the pipeline – Aisling even having one thats finished. But they just felt so energized and confident about the current one & that the world needs to hear it, NOW.

They couldn’t wait any longer. And now you officially have the debut and a big fan favorite at concerts, already for free download to have on your iPhones etc. Enjoy “SAIL” (awolnation).


Stay tuned for their project releasing this year, as well as another single very soon.

And TRUST ME, you will not want to miss their album release party.

Right now, I’m predicting that it will be one of the best shows in local Mass history.

Repeatedly, I’ve heard comments about how people have been touched by their live performances. It’s not out of the normal to find a few fans screaming during their set. An odd thing to see for local acts.

Their opening set at the sold out Token concert at ONCE Ballroom was one of the craziest and most well-received opening sets I’ve seen in my life. The crowd was screaming “Shalom!” and “Aisling” til we all went deaf. If these two artists keep up their hard work, they will be touring the globe & touching millions of fans.

Shalom, our breakout female MC of the year, is known to step it up and has already brought Mass one of its most memorable performances , Jan 1st at the Hard Rock Cafe w/ SLAM Kitchen. That mind-blowing set successfully dulled much of my ability to enjoy future Boston shows.

Watch them kill it : Shalom (of Wreck Shop Movement) & Aisling – Sunday October 30th at the huge halloween costume & bboy party we are hosting at Mill City Ballroom!

They are also featured & opening up for national act RES – November 6th at Middle East

Grab tickets for the Halloween show here.

Angels In The City E.P coming soon. There isn’t a bad track on the 7-track project! I caught the preview. That’s how you do it. Every track catchy and highly affecting.

Written by Shawn Patel

Founder of ProU - Not sure what to write here. I like marketing. I like rapping. I like clapping. I like laughing.

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