What Uniqueness in Pop Music Means To Me? [by @misterrcha]

What Uniqueness in Pop Music Means To Me? [by @misterrcha]

You’re out on weekend night. The music’s loud and centre stage. There’s a 3 second time frame where your brain figures out what the song is and who the song’s by. This happens alot throughout life, these moments can also be used as time markers of moments, fun moments, great moments and so forth.

Uniqueness helps us identify and distinguish, it’s a separator in a realm filled with mass production. Factors such as the vocal performance, melody, patterns, flows, subversion of expectations and of course, the instrumental track themselves. (I just personified a beat, nice!)

Uniqueness is what ends up on our playlists at parties and what our musical dreams sound like. It just happens and can’t be pinned to a formula (which is damn near the antithesis of pop).
In relation to uniqueness, innovation is something that’s close of heart.

But innovation’s a lot more difficult to occur in a post-genre world where sounds are closer together, making it easier for them to get swept under a similar brush.

BUT however you can’t replicate Cry Me a River, you can’t replicate Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend, you can’t replicate What Do You Mean, you can’t replicate Ctazy In Love, you can’t replicate Dancing On My Own. They’re all songs with pop culture significance and once something “becomes culture” it stays there within the public consciousness.

Uniqueness is something that I can recognise immediately out of everything else in a space, uniqueness marks itself to me. Sometimes subtly and sometimes more boldly.

Ultimately, I found the writing of this piece difficult as uniqueness is simply subjective and in the ears of the listener.

Ironically, that’s probably why it’s so hard to come across.  Our perspectives on the topic are all unique.

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Written by MisterrCha


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