How Space Candy Bypasses The Binary with ‘Forest’

How Space Candy Bypasses The Binary with ‘Forest’

In a quote from a recent interview on Melting of Age, Space Candy brings up the point of “Like why can’t cute effeminate things hold the same kind of emotional weight or meaning as less effeminate things? They both make you feel things to the same extent; it’s just different ends of the emotional spectrum”.

Aphex Twin and Carly Rae Jepsen inhibiting the same space of heartfelt music reflects the postmodern barrier-collapsing world which we consume music in today. Nothing’s really exclusive anymore, globalisation transcended regionalism sometime ago, ‘Forest’ is a perfect example of what can be created from a world of everything.

Heck, I mean the first few seconds start off with an Impeach the President drum break sample against fragmentated vocal snippets and feather-lite synths.

No influences in particular shine over anything else so there’s alot of different treats on offer.  Hyper-pop lays their head on tempo shifts whilst dissonant friends reminds me to wake up, leaving it up to the listener to see where to go next

From track to track, the EP’s statement feels stronger as it runs through mood and emotions, the past and present, referencing genres and stylistic instrumentation in a textbook flick fashion.

‘Forest’ shows a space around the conventional binaries of electronic music in which all things can co exist with other and carry emotional poignacy with ease rather than working in selective spaces.  Music can bring us together and Forest can certainly do that.

Till next time, MisterrCha.

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