[ProU Exclusive] Hech Rhymes ft Mitsugo – What I See (Prod. J1K)

Producers United is happy to combine with Hech Rhymes, (pronounced ‘Heych’), whom we are calling the next emergence of future young female talent in Massachusetts!And there is  ridiculous amount of female talent from our area so this is no small label.

The triple threat emcee-singer and multi-faceted witty songwriter only started her hip hop craft in early 2014 – the fact that surprises us the most. A jazz singer though for 3 years prior.

I was able to listen to preview material from her upcoming mix tape and there is almost nothing in it that doesn’t make you double-take or doesn’t get stuck in your head. Many have already experienced that with her SoundCloud hits such as “Came To Get Down”, “Got Gifted”, “Blades like Turbines”, or personal favorite “Minimum Rage”. She is versatile – can transition one moment from hard-hitting lyricist to a laid back feel good summery track like this one.

With an innate ability to instantly feel the vibes of a track, she took the production & canvas by the ProU captain J1K and made it into her own complete art-piece & concept.

The track “What I see” is also no different from the brain-clingy nature of her other SoundCloud hits. Insomniacs are warned – DO NOT LISTEN because this chorus will remain in your noggin. The young talent (raised up on Wu Tang, De La Soul, and Amy Winehouse), brings a unique and deeper delivery to a topic artists generally bore you with – love & being swept up off ones feet. Themes of trust and commitment are nimbly fused into her verse.

Mitsugo’s verse provides a care-free party contrast to the track, adding a little laid back fun flavor to the track.

Don’t forget she will be performing this live with Mitsugo for the first time, at the biggest concert she’s ever done – opening up for idols “People Under The Stairs” June 29th at the Middle East. They are also J1K’s favorite hip hop group of all time. Our team will be attendance.

$22 at the door, 18 in advance (Get them from Hech by hitting her up here!)

Written by Shawn Patel

Founder of ProU - Not sure what to write here. I like marketing. I like rapping. I like clapping. I like laughing.
Website: http://www.facebook.com/ShawnPatel

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