Hip Hop Superproducers of the 2010’s?

Hip Hop Superproducers of the 2010’s?

When you think of your favourite musicians, artists and producers; they all have distinctive aspects that make them who they are. They make sure you know it’s their footprints over the work. Rhythms, cadences, sound selection, mixing, what’s there and what isn’t. You get the drill. You really do.

Illmind’s tweets on the subject got me really thinking:

In terms of super-producers within the hip hop scene, they’re differently harder to come by due to the different infrastructure (anyone having the access to tools to create a hit song) that exists in the 2010’s as well as mass accessibility of production software (which I think has advanced music so far for the better). Whereas the 90’s and 2000’s – the software and resources were less accessible.

In terms of operating within a hip hop super-producer I feel the two factors of importance are:

1) Extensive catalog

Boi1da’s production in the past years has been an excellent example of this: Forever, Over, Miss Me, 0 to 100, Pound Cake, The Blacker The Berry, Real Friends, Headlines, Work, Not Afraid

2) Adaptability to utilise more than one sound/genre

Both Timbaland and the Neptunes were able to flex outside the hip hop parameters and even let the pop world come to them for the shift, working both ways.

Mike Will’s been able to do this with work such as We Can’t Stop, Formation, 23, Pour It Up.

Hit Boy’s been able to do this with work such as Flawless, Thirsty, XO, Right Here, Feeling Myself, Stronger, Red Eye, Boom Skit, Scream & Shout (Remix)

Producers such as DJ Dahi, Kaytranada, Vinylz, WondaGirl, Hudson Mohawke are building diverse, fun filled catalogues of influence for us to bask and enjoy in. There’s definitely hope for the era of the super producer in the 2010’s, they’ll just operate differently. Nothing stays the same. Old manifests itself into new.


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