New Jersey’s RawwTops Delivers New EP “BoarBred”

RawwTops is a young Hip Hop artist hailing from the “6th Borough,” also known as New Jersey. There’s no boxing in this conceptual rapper whose delivery is simply unique – you haven’t heard a rapper quite like RawwTops. Presented by SCHEME, the “BoarBred EP” is essentially the beginning of self-realization as an artist: this is who RawwTops is and what he stands for. The title of the album was inspired by RawwTops’ “savage-like” characteristic on the mic. He calls it his “boar-like tendencies.” It was quite fitting as his introductory EP’s title.

The project is also a reflection of RawwTops’ youthful and comical persona which, at times, can be just as raw as the aggression you hear on some tracks. Throughout the EP, there is a common theme in the majority of the songs that play off this aggression. Tops mentions his imaginary semi-auto, named Pookie Pookie, which represents the weapon use to cause “lyrical damage.” Overall, RawwTops and SCHEME present a solid introductory project that will have old and new ears intrigued.

Mixed by Timmy Ingram (The Ingram Brothers)
Mastered by Carl Dennis (Carl Does Music)
Additional Vocals by Rev-Ev

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