You Want The Same Thing? I’ll Give You Something New! [written by @MisterrCha]

You Want The Same Thing? I’ll Give You Something New! [written by @MisterrCha]

You want something fast? I’ll give something slower. You want heavy drums? How about no drums. Opposites attract. You can apply that alot, but for now we’ll apply it to trends.

Trends in contemporary pop music are an interesting one, stemming from the importance of underground scenes and pushed in the mainstream limelight by somebody.

— Highlighting some counter points in hip hop —

Conventional Boom Bap production- Timbaland/Neptunes off kilter/double time/non linear drum programming

Young Chop maximalist production, lots of layers and instrumentation, filling the space in the beat – DJ Mustard / minimalist melody + simple bassline, beat is relatively empty for vocal space
Reverting back to Metro Boomin with a more layered approach to the production, utilising modern forms of 808 mixing and drum programming.

I guess you can blame the evolution of this machine for 24-7 808's.... or us.This little machine is a blessing.

Technically syllablic and lyrical driven hip hop – Melody/flow driven hip hop

Trends and counter trends are interesting due to what new situations and shifts they can create within the larger space. (e.g the influence of dancehall sweeping into pop from late 2015 into 2016, tropical house and everything else under the sun)

Counter trends are needed to keep things fresh and interesting and inspire us all to go above and beyond.

Thank you, some Monday MisterrCha thoughts.

Till next time.

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Written by MisterrCha


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