Lomel: The Next Singer To Rise Out of Massachusetts

Lomel: The Next Singer To Rise Out of Massachusetts

Lomel, singer out of Springfield, MA (Western Mass) has recently come on the radar to folks out in Boston and we are pronouncing him the next singer to rise out of our state. Though the actor/singer (full name Jeffrey ‘Lomel’ Trainor) has traveled to Atlanta & Florida for music purposes, he is just now getting into the Boston scene – influenced by the Wreck Shop Movement.

Michelle La Poetica of Wreck Shop heard about him at a showcase & told Justice Born – the founder of the movement. He was instantly impressed : even spotting a song reminiscent of the late MJ. I was instantly skeptical but could tell by J’s face and excitement that this dude seriously had a song where he sounded like MJ. And sure enough, when I listened – the chorus was eerily MJ-like.

The first artist I’ve heard since MJ’s passing that could pull that off. As a fan of a great like Mike – you almost want to deny the fact that any artist has the ability to sound anything similar to him. Listen below.

Also a PSA: If he asks you to buy his CD, you should do it because he’s a trained MMA fighter.

But it wasn’t until the feature date of Justice bringing him into the R&B night “Takin it Back Tuesdays” where the spark REALLY set off in my head. I had since forgotten about the song. Because there’s a difference between capturing your attention on a track VS sounding good in a live performance.

I remember it was a late night getting ready – already 10 PM so I couldn’t make it to Lynn. So I was basically remotely watching this concert via Mr. PSA’s live feed & Justice’s instagram video. Almost like a TV-less NFL fan continually refreshing scores on NFL.com

I saw one that blew my mind on the InstaGram & started texting J & downloading + reposting these amazing videos to the ProU instagram so more people could discover him and share my excitement. These text conversations & postings went on for the next hour and a half.

Before you knew it, it was 11:45 PM and I was sitting in a gas station this whole time, not pumping my gas because I was on my phone. I hadn’t been that excited for an artist in a LONG time. Also within that time frame I was messaging Lomel how dope this was while trying to not sound too fanboy-ey. Also texting Hech about this crazy talent – she being a very talented singer herself – her agreement of his talent got me even hyper.

This was the instagram video that caught my attention, to think in my head “wow he’s definitely going to be discovered some day”. I played this IG video a billion times. Was obsessed. Just praying ‘I hope he’s consistently as good as this short clip’ (Because it’s awesome seeing people make it vs our R&B scene just remaining stagnant)

You can see his VERY solid MC’ing ability there too, which he displayed more of at the recent famous Boston Subway Cipher.

He was just excited to work, from the messages I sent that night & appreciating them, even shouting me out during his performance which I saw on a V-Log he did (he brought down a videographer with him from Springfield to Lynn – a 2 hour commute).

If you want to get a taste of his “Takin It Back” live performance you should definitely do so below.

He’ll make any girls panties wet. That’s for sure.

Even not being the world’s most technically sound singer – he has this energy that brings you vividly into his singing, and you feel his energy. That’s the MOST important part of being a captivating singer. Can you feel the artist’s electricity & static current? Can you entrance your audience? Lomel can.

Coupled with his MC ability and that intangible power – we believe what he has what it takes. And he’s only getting better and hungrier. I believe his best work is yet to come and his next album is going to be the one that brings people’s attention to this man.

He can hit the high notes live like a BEAST. Trust: there’s not many more things as fun as watching THAT. You can see him performing “One in a Million” (forward to the 7 min mark) . He wrote that song for his now-wife. He said it “brought her a little closer”. Probably the understatement of the year looooooool.

I also really like this fun song on his Reverb.

Historically I had been good at scouting rappers & telling who locals will like before others (Token, Mr. Fritz, Tim Nihan, Mike Wing) but I feel it’s harder with male singers. A lot of singers don’t seem to have the work ethic to make it . Local ones seem to magically disappear and reappear at places three years later, briefly. Getting too shy or allergic to the stage eventually.

Maybe too in their own world or self-conscious.

It has seemed tough for our area to have a singer break out of the mold. I think this man will be the one.

Lomel has the exact right mix of confidence and hunger that I have not seen around here.

Justice told me how hungry he was, from that one meeting but I had not made my own opinion.

From the following month getting to know him,  seeing how he works with collaborators, and talking to him – I’m confident that he will make his mark & rise with this next wave of Boston artists that are working so hard & smoothly together.

What solidified this article’s inspiration was April 10th before the show he had at Maggy’s Lounge in Quincy. I had asked him prior if he would come down to the Wreck Shop ‘Subway Cipher’. He was enthusiastic in every chat we had. Despite having a wife & kids he was determined to get down there – and I could tell he was not the person to make excuses. He could have easily ignored it though – as we had never even talked on the phone.

When I first made a status about his singing & his potential – the wife was one of the first to comment & share the videos. It certainly helps to have a supportive wife.

He just makes things happen. If he has to work a crapload or borrow something or sleep on a couch for the sake of music & being at a gig he’ll hustle & do it. What I like about him though is he’s not satisfied with his day-job and will pursue whatever work he has to acting-wise or music-wise so he can break through. He even recently got a manager for his acting career and is making solid moves on that end.

The Cipher

He popped up at the cipher, not knowing anyone . I arrived there at 4:30, when he had already been there since the start at 3. I asked him if he participated yet and he nonchalantly replied “yep already went twice”. And he looked giddy enough that he’d be down for 10 rounds. But he won’t take the spotlight from you – not a hog.

But His feisty fighter flows are sure to bite your ear off like Tyson.

lomel the next

On the FB picture: someone asked “how much was training” . He said 200/mo to train everyday, 150 for twice a week. ‘Worth every penny.’

An R&B artist from Western MA on time to an event in Boston, though? Even local Boston artists aren’t coming that early usually. Fire emoji.

Bonus home-town points for looking like the Supersonics/Celtics Legend Ray Allen.

When I got there he looked firmly entrenched in the group already having made several friends & collaborating with artists there. Yes on the spot – that’s the great thing about the organic subway cipher & what it brings out from everyone.

Ex: he freestyled a hook & encouraged 16 year old Jr. Biggie to rap after it; then he completed the hook again to make it almost a mini-concert and an incredibly beautiful moment of the night for the subway crowd! Watch the video.

It was the moment of the cipher where literally everyone had their cameras out, capturing the saxophonist , Biggie, and Lomel creating impromptu magic.

You’d think he had known us for months. People were asking his contact info left & right. Relentless (19+ years in the game was telling me how good he was & that he had wanted to work with him, from just seeing him).

And Relentless didn’t even know I invited him there. Brought it up himself.

All this quick & fearless friendship-making was the dealmaker for me in predicting him as the next singer out of Mass.

Networking’s importance cannot be overstated. You have to be personable & likeable & I can’t really imagine someone not liking him.

That night he was planning his Boston stay & Rob the Kingpyn + Big Zack asked if he wanted to come down to the Groundbreaker Enterprise studio after Lomel’s Quincy show, saying “technically this is a sleepover anyway since we’ll be creating songs the whole time”.

Lomel was like “hell yeah, I’d love to work in the studio! screw sleeping”. You could just tell by that Day 1 enthusiasm how bad he wants it.

Singing for about 15+ years he proclaims he’s only gotten good in the past 2 years and started practicing seriously a couple years prior to that.

It’s amazing to see this enthusiasm for music-making at a an all-time collective high in Boston. Rob and him both being in the game 15+ years respectively – you see that this isn’t about the fame for these artists. They really live off the energy and love they put into their music.  Otherwise that passion would be long gone.


How cordial the music community has become is another thing that has been special to watch. There’s a huge blurring of cliques right now happening in MA hip hop. The biggest in the history of our scene. Everyone knows everyone. If Lomel keeps this travel bug up & continues to put in studio time too I’m positive everyone will know his name soon.

Just as expected – clockwork: 8 hours after the cipher at 2 AM a FB video pops up on my timeline. It’s Lomel on Monday morning, after the night of events  – happily belting a freshly created track at the Groundbreaker studios w/ our Wreck Shop affiliate friends.

Somehow staying awake: working purely off the adrenaline of musical infatuation.

Jesse – who has cerebral palsy being the one engineering the track – a very talented producer & architect behind Groundbreaker studios. Recently meeting him – its been admirable watching him get attention & breaking stereotypes. Someone I definitely want to see in creative action. Art & Mary J keeps a lot of people alive.

Congratulations again to Lomel receiving this distinction. We take a lot of pride in our predictions and think very deeply before posting one. You might see some bluegrass chick from Berklee make it out of MA next – but by 2018 or maybe even earlier you should see Lomel with his break if he keeps a magnificent grind.

Don’t underestimate the baby effect too. When you have a baby to feed, you do pretty much ANYTHING to fuel your passion for success. Peace

Oh: and as I just go to check Facebook before posting this article I find a notification from Lomel – he made a VLOG himself – this time, already edited – from his show at Maggy’s I referred to that he performed at less than 36 hours ago. Jesus.

The Future.

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Written by Shawn Patel

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