Lord Apex’s HMEM2 is a Victory Lap for You and Me [ @SENSEIAPEX ]

Lord Apex’s HMEM2 is a Victory Lap for You and Me [ @SENSEIAPEX ]

“Pieces of my heart, I didn’t plant the seed, I seen them pieces fall apart, I did it for the art”. The first words uttered on Lord Apex’s newest work, HMEM2 (short for Hyoko Meiso – Elevation Meditation). An idea turned movement and it spills into the ethos of every track.

Every track features carefully picked production cherry picking decades of music and then warping itself out till the source is runny into a musical liquid. There’s alot of moods and subject matter from the personal to romance to everyday teen life to the more abstract larger themes.  It ultimately doesn’t matter what level you wanna absorb the project to because no matter how you take it, the music’s always enjoyable. Lord Apex’s is further approaching an apex of his own that no one can take away.

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Written by MisterrCha


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