J. Littles “Above The Clouds” Is Golden Era Nostalgia

J. Littles “Above The Clouds” Is Golden Era Nostalgia

Yes, Hip Hop has evolved. It’s supposed to. But as we embrace (or hate) the new, we must also remember (and acknolwedge) the classic. For New Jersey rapper, J. Littles, nineties Hip Hop is the true essence of Hip Hop music. Telling modern tales of struggle – especially within the Latino community – J. Littles utilizes classic Boom Bap sounds and profound lyrics to tell these stories in Rap form.

“Above The Clouds” is a cut off Littles’ recent mixtape release titled, “What IF DJ Premier…” The title is play off a question Littles asks himself: “What if DJ Premier produced my songs?” Well, this is what it would sound like..

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