[Poet Of The Month] KitaVida

[Poet Of The Month] KitaVida

Congratulations to KitaVida of Roxbury, MA for receiving our first poetry spotlight award of the year! Our “Poet of the Month” for March 2016.

The dancer-masseuse-poet-emcee & aspiring photographer doesn’t play around with her talents. Originally I was going to only post one work she did which served as the inspiration pushing me to say “I NEED to create this article, despite a super busy schedule”. But we will be featuring three of her works. There’s too many to show that might inspire you.

It just goes to show: if you REALLY care about your art and PEOPLE – it can go a very long way in touching them. Alliteration is one of her favorite devices. Something she revealed when I commented on a phrase she captioned: “Persistent in pursuing a purpose for passions, while practicing patience, perception, and appreciation🔑 “. Since then, I’ve been looking out for it – it’s fun for me to try to dig into the mind of the creator when they are making art.

Biopic 1:

Silver spoons and rings around posies, paper dollars and wooden ponies. Pretty pennies and plastic dolls. Full houses and empty halls. Genetic traits and inherited treasures. Genuine demeanors and guilty pleasures. Positive vibes and opposite attractions. Mixed emotions and Chemical reactions. Good deeds and bad intentions.

Such and such and not to mention.

Lost the battle but won the war _burn the bridges and even the score. Almost doesn’t count and nothing’s perfect. When in doubt and if it’s worth it. Mind your manners and Practice what you preach. Count your blessings and turn the other cheek. Watch your tongue and think before you speak. Kill them with kindness and murder she won’t repeat.

La Key to Happiness is accepting all sides. As humans, we look to understand and form meaning. This only leads us to doors we can’t open, creating a mind that is closed in. We all have the ability to accept depths beyond the breath we take from thin air. Is that not inexplicable in itself?

In a World of wealth we must learn to value.


kiera key

When I first met her at the Subway Cipher three weeks ago , I was like, “you look like you’d be a good poet” (judging from the way she dressed and the vibes. Lucky guess).

I talked about this with Michelle Richardson of Wreck Shop who introduced Kiera to the movement. Sometimes you can just TELL before hearing work from somebody that they will be a good artist. It’s an eye, an intuition some of us have.

The part above: from “Count your blessings” to “In a world of wealth, we must learn to value”, REALLY hit me. There’s so many golden nuggets in just that ONE phrase: “In a world of WEALTH, we must learn to value“.

Biopic 2:

the one that 2

Out of nowhere, from saying, “I don’t really login to Facebook” to posting these ultra captivating photo-biopics with the prowess of social media pages (a la, Humans of New York) that have been doing it for years? Wow.

A four-year hiatus, she took from the social media platform. An artist that much prefers real life connectivity & exploration vs online. Certainly a rarity in our generation.

It shows you shouldn’t doubt anyone too. Who knew this humble gal with an admiring smile & quiet in-the-moment presence when other artists are showcasing their ability has such talent under her fingertips?

Make sure you go to her GroupMuse debut today (an Air BnB for hosting artists to play!). Info here.

Harriet Langley is the featured poet, and “Mendelssohn, Mozart and Brahms viola quintets and string quartets.” is the program! Kita V will be reading poetry as well. Get there earlier for the Open Mic.

Her poetry, with expansive vocabulary are like mind-puzzles.

If you don’t enjoy her captions immediately, it’s likely you are missing out on part of the meaning. What I also like about her poetry is much of it feels open to your own interpretation and experience. A ‘build-your-own story’ of sorts.

Speaking directly to YOU.

She mentions: “If all goes well, I plan to host these [groupmuse] events for the Urban Genres, music and dance alike”. Only a few spots left to RSVP!

Like what you see? Follow her on FB here.

Bonus Biopic 3:



“Seeing the world differently is in a thought process.
Grasp this concept and you can change the World


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Written by Shawn Patel

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