Underrated MC Of The Month: Hech Rhymes

Underrated MC Of The Month: Hech Rhymes

Allow us to talk about an artist we recently discovered: Hech Rhymes (pronounced Haych) from Boston, MA: winner of our first ‘Underrated MC’ award recipient for 2016!

Originally the plan was to give her the February song of the month award on “Minimum Rage”

And that would be the perfect timing for post-J Dilla weekend. This artist is the opposite of a Fetty Wap. In fact a Fetty Wap Party, like the one held yesterday in Boston is the LAST place you’d find her.

Listen to the track from the artist we recently discovered at a Mind Spray event, here. You may see why we were nominating it (but, instead: an article like this gives reign to showcase more songs, and give people a real backstory!). The first thing that stuck out to me that night at Mind Spray was her intricate flows and stage presence.

She truly looks content being up on stage just for the love of hip hop. As well as possessing this fierce but un-intimidating confidence that is nice to see from a female in a male-dominated industry. Just unafraid to be herself.

You could tell how seriously she wants it.

It’s a hard measure to live up your rhymes to a Jdilla track. You CAN’T come weak on that. But she did it. And with only approximately TWO years of rapping under her belt. Her knowledge though goes way back, growing up on Naughty by Nature and Big Daddy Kane. The understanding is real, not one of those girls who wears Tribe shirts but still thinks ‘Bonita Applebaum’ is a strawberry dessert treat.

Uniqueness is what we love.  The former jazz singer who looks up to J-Dilla & Amy Winehosue incorporates ALL her own hooks.

On “Came To Get Down” you can tell: regarding the Winehouse influence – except its a little funkier.

Though its been only two years: she had to HUSTLE in those early months of learning hip hop. She would go to every single open mic she could find to polish her prowess until it was much more perfected. Like anyone, you can tell the difference from her very early tracks and her recent ones.

Just 10 months after picking up the craft she already had her first show at the infamous Middle East in Cambridge, MA: an XMas battle show.

And in the beginning it was all an unaccepted change. The first open mics she went to were blank stares, with her jazz friends whispering: “what are you doing Hech. Hip hop?”. An understandable response considering no wants to lose people from their communities.

It wasn’t until she discovered a local hip hop open mic: that people understood, and she found her home, relating to people who felt the same love and peacefulness in the genre. Getting what she spoke about.

It wasn’t like, in her song “Got gifted” where she facetiously quips “Slipped in, but somehow woke up gifted” on the chorus .

It takes time to find your home.

Her slicing flows on the track remind me of watermelon being evenly julienned in a game of Fruit Ninja with the most pristine golden sword. Its refreshing to see an artist just have FUN on her tracks, singing and doing live breakdowns like on “Minimum Rage” and “Got Gifted”.

More people need to do that. And she still manages to leave a positive message you can take out from every song.

So keep sipping them flowers, and stay tuned as she’s working on an unnamed project this year 🙏

Tony the Tiger says just said eat your cereal.
Your eyeballs poppin out when I left but thats immaterial.

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Written by Shawn Patel

Founder of ProU - Not sure what to write here. I like marketing. I like rapping. I like clapping. I like laughing.
Website: http://www.facebook.com/ShawnPatel

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  • Mother G says:

    Kind of MC I can be proud to witness on all levels…I get goosebumps when I think about what’s she’s bringing up the pipe…this young powerhouse is NOT messin’ around…She Came to Get Down, seriously down…I have listened to a LOT of Hip Hop and have chosen NOT to listen to a lot of Hip Hop…must say I’m partial to the female emcees, but I am also inspired by her genuine, get real authenticity, her work ethic, her mental and physical fortitude, her conviction, and her belief in herself….this makes all the difference..and she drips with raw talent! Yeeeessss!!!! Mama G loves that a young female like Hech can come in and tear it up and give my 13 year old daughter an MC she can look up to…tackling misogyny and whatever else!! You go girl!! Whatever you need, Mama G has your back! Peace and One LOVE….it’s happening folks!!! Look what we spiritually conscious people pulled out of the Matrix…Sweet!!!!

    And Shawn, shout out to you as well for the way you bring people together and for your AMAZING writing skills!! I love reading your delicious artilces….Rolling Stone may want a piece of you…seriously….look at all this raw talent coming out of Beantown…Who would have thought!!! Beans….seriously…I LOVE Beans…lol

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