Estee Nack & Relentless: “Black & White Jesus” EP Breaks 10,000 Plays!

Congratulations to Estee Nack & Relentless the Tangible of Tragic Allies/Wreck Shop Movement for surpassing 10,000 plays on their new E.P  already!

It was a brilliant concept. An I.M.S aka Interactive Musical Series. Started on Christmas, they surprise released a new song daily . People were keeping their eyes peeled on Facebook for a potential drop each day along with the story they would accompany the track with.

I’m a big fan of concept albums.

The biblical story of Jesus Christ is one of the greatest, and most well known stories in written history…now on this project we’re not determined to rhetorize or justify whether or not the words of the bible are the actual absolute truth(word of god), or whether or not Jesus the Christ was an ACTUAL person. Upon digesting this record, many will come to find that A. We’re just having a f*cking GREAT time with music, and B. when dealing with the words of biblical text and other written or spoken words of men, things may not be so “Black and White”, thus, Myself and Relentless assembled this list of songs, rife with biblical references and thematic production(handled mainly by Relentless), to exhibit the different ways one can interpret not only the biblical text, b.u.t. all things in life…it must ALWAYS come back to applying to how YOU cee it at that particular point in time and WHY!…Enjoy and please do share, we appreciate the Support! #BlackAndWhiteJesus #MyAlliesAreTragic

-Estee Nack

And they had to do it on the fly. Making a new SoundCloud / FB description for all 7 tracks – that’s a lot of stories. Each one with a biblical explanation of their song they expounded on and why they chose that verse. Who doesn’t like that type of project?

It was some people’s favorite album of the year because of this.

estee promi

At the very least you appreciate the effort the artists put in and the marketing.

But with, almost 30 years of musical experience between the two emcees, you are very likely to appreciate the tracks too.

Relentless found some golden samples and produced six of the 7 albums beats.
Only “Rappers Be-Light” (very dope instro & track) was produced by T-Guilladeane.

The lyrical behemoth that is Relentless combined with the presence and moral energetic figure of Estee makes this album very memorable.

Stay tuned – they streamed it for free for us, now if we liked it – it’s our turn to support: they will be releasing the physical & digital download version by this weekend!

I love his moral messages. Just a good guy.

I love his moral messages. Just a good guy.


Written by Shawn Patel

Founder of ProU - Not sure what to write here. I like marketing. I like rapping. I like clapping. I like laughing.

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