Alyssa Marie & Milez Grimez Farewell Interview

Alyssa Marie & Milez Grimez Farewell Interview

With the long-awaited #FarewellAMMG party for Alyssa Marie & Milez Grimez fast approaching tonight, we were lucky enough to grab their last interview before they head off to L.A – getting some perspective & background story!

The Final East Coast show (doors at 7PM – Hard Rock Cafe) will be hosted by ProU & Xperience Creative (combining w/ Duck Down Music & Wreck Shop Movement as well) 🙏

You may have seen their “No Strings Attached” video already w/ Destiny Claymore. It had 150 likes and 0 dislikes a few hours after release, reaching critical mass on the feedback via Facebook & YouTube. My feed was blowing up.

Enjoy. We sat down with Alyssa & were able to catch up with Milez at the very end for some great Q&A. Make sure to get his “20 Milez & Runnin” CD & Alyssa’s “No Parades on Easy St”


1. Can you briefly go over the #3videosin3weeks and what are the details on that?

Alyssa: Basically, my band and I have been working on a project for two years and I didn’t want to leave the east coast without ensuring we had enough material to support the upcoming release of it. We decided to make December nonstop work and since my bassist and guitarist have a production company, we scheduled 3 videos for 3 different songs off the project in 3 weeks. It was a lot of work but it’s gonna be crazy.

2. Wow. When is the project dropping, and let us know any special details you can release. Also: I’ve seen the studio sessions on YouTube of you guys; and they are incredible (but a lot of ppl are unfamiliar) so how do you plan to reach those ppl?

Alyssa: I don’t have the details to release yet but it’s very soon. You can expect announcements within the next few weeks I’m sure.

I think to reach people unfamiliar we’re just gonna go as hard as possible with these releases and tour the shit out of it. It’s the same Alyssa Marie on lyrics and songwriting, so I think people who are fans already will really like it. I also think fans of music in general are gonna be drawn to it too because these guys are insanely talented musicians.

fans of music in general are gonna be drawn to it too because these guys are insanely talented musicians

[Check another amazing studio session if you enjoyed the one above, “Threshold“. Instrumental is nuts]

3. The new video that is dropping on the 1st: [now dropped] “No Strings Attached” – Obviously a lot of work went into it. There was a Kickstarter & a big successful campaign. Are there any interesting details on the backstory on it/ how did that idea formulate?

Yeah, that was a really cool experience. Lindsay Penn reached out to me and pitched her idea and initially I was planning on heading out to L.A earlier and that’s where she’s located so it was perfect.

Unfortunately I pushed everything back, but we raised the money and Miles and myself flew out there to shoot it. It was convenient, too, because we were able to check out different areas to live at while we were there. The whole video shoot was crazy in itself, but I’ve seen the final product and all I can say is check it out when it drops . It’s beyond what I hoped for.

3b.Were there any setbacks or crazy situations during the shoot?

It actually went very smoothly which is rare with a big production. All I can say is the actors were talented and professional and the crew was incredible. The only instance that happened was at one of the “evil executive” scenes where they had the entire set up. There was a table with a table cloth, glasses, wine, money, and all this stuff on it and they yelled “action” and all of a sudden it just COLLAPSED. The wine spilled and the glasses fell (for some reason they thankfully didn’t shatter) but everyone just got their shit together, laughed, and reset it all in minutes. If it was me I would have probably panicked [laughs]


4. What is your favorite thing about Los Angeles and the hip hop scene there / I know you’ve even worked with Timothy de la ghetto ; are there some people you really gel with there that have been an influence?

My favorite thing about the LA hip hop scene is how fresh it is. There’s so much at everyone’s fingertips just as far as videos, shows, even labels that a lot of people think it’s over saturated but honestly it’s just a huge melting pot of possibilities. Ive met a lot of dope people,

I think the whole Cypher Effect crew is a blessing to the community and myself. They put me and Miles on a bunch of stuff and are always super hospitable and cool. Jorge, the lead dude, brings all these young kids under his wings and guides them, he even brings them across country to do cyphers and network. I swear though, I always leave there feeling accomplished.

honestly it’s just a huge melting pot of possibilities

[Make sure you watch this below video, everyone does their thing. From when Cypher Effect visited Boston. The phenom Token, our breakout artist of the year, starts it off. The traveling act and very talented Gremlin from L.A kills it. Alyssa kills it of course. And the Boston legend M-Dot puts his ending style on it, always passionate 15+ years & 5 europe tours into the game.

Produced by Token’s mentor & Glasshouse founder Jon Glass]

5. Your favorite Los Angeles hip hop trip moment?

The best moment for me was the video shoots to be real. Miles did one with The Cypher Effect: Destiny & I did the one with Lindsay. It was just so beautiful and, not to sound lame, but emotional to have that many people who are professionals in all their own respective areas come together solely for your song. And, like I said already, I always love linking up with Cypher Effect. It’s a dope environment because they’re laid back and are down to chill, drink beers, tall music and all that but they also get shit done and do it efficiently.

(Produced by Jon Glass)

6. What is your favorite track for you on No Parades & the story behind the meaning?

My favorite song off of No Parades is literally impossible to name because they’re all so personal but I’ll give you top three. (No order)

1. This is Life. This song came out of an emotional time for me but I finished the last bit of the song after I came out of the situation so it flips this depressing song into a song about getting through all of that bull shit and realizing “shit sucks, but that’s life. You’ll get through it.”

2. Hear Me. This isn’t the first song Milez and I did together, but it’s the first one with an official release. It has a similar type of message, like getting through tough times. When I hear it, it brings me back to staying up all night with him writing it and getting in the studio all excited to record it and getting the first mix. It’s definitely a personal favorite.

3. No Strings Attached. The beats nuts, my homegirl Destiny Claymore killed the hook, and the message in this one is still a struggle for me and many artists, but more than how much I love the song is the snowball it created. The Kickstarter, the LA trip, the video, the fan response.

7. At what point do you think you can say “ok I reached success. This is where I wanted to get”

Milez: Never too much success in my opinion – though musically, I’m where I want to be. As long as I’m creating good music the way I want to, I’m happy. All the extra stuff that comes along with being successful is great, but not mandatory for me.

Alyssa: Success for me is an ongoing and ever changing thing. Where I’m at now, five years ago I would have looked and thought “that’s success – having people say I’m their favorite rapper, having people travel out of state to catch one of my shows, seeing people mouth my lyrics in the front row, having two albums on iTunes” and so on. My goals and ideas of success change every time I accomplish a prior one. Now, I’d like to tour the world and reach a wider audience. Next week maybe I’ll answer your question totally differently.

8. An interesting fact about you people wouldn’t know

Milez: I started writing rhymes in 98, but before that I was trying to DJ. I had a cheap set of Numark belt drive turntables but I was not that great. So I started writing to the instrumentals on the B-sides of the records and the rest is history!

Alyssa: When I was younger i used to write tons of poetry, that’s how I first got into writing. My fifth grade teacher actually snuck one of my poems and submitted it to this poetry publication, I can’t remember the name, and it made it into the poetry book and on the shelves. I was officially a published writer/poet by the fifth grade.

Enjoyed? RSVP here to the event.

Some More Milez: I thought this was a dope collabo with the back & forth + the boombap gives this a great feel with the beat. Takes you back to the golden era.

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