MisterrCha’s 8 Favourite Songs of 2015 That Aren’t On Everyone’s List

MisterrCha’s 8 Favourite Songs of 2015 That Aren’t On Everyone’s List


No order because order sucks! I wanted to highlight some of my personal favourite tracks of the year – but from a different lens simply because there’s too much good music.

Rejjie Snow – All Around The World (Prod. Cam)

With throbbing boom-bap drums, flanged pads that recall prime Neptunes’ era production (Excuse Me Miss) and (Luv U Better) Rejjie Snow takes the stage with a oozed calmness in flow and inflection and melodies that make you feel you’ve stumbled onto something sweet.

“As the naked body glows & golden breasts to keep me warm
I’d sail a thousand seas and paint the ocean blue, girl”.

Ain’t that sweet, right?


Aina More – Girls Killing It (Prod. DJ Juls)

“Me and my girls dem’ a killin’ it” A chorus with the type of power to get anywhere turnt in seconds. Over a smooth beat that evokes strokes of Afrobeat with accented drums, 70’s funk guitar stabs, the stage is perfectly set.

With delivery that pays homage to those who paved the way before, Aina celebrates her crew and Black Women all around, past, present, future, it’s truly fantastic.

A song that should be played everywhere.


Scott Xylo – I Still Miss You.

The tracks starts with “Hey, I don’t know what to say”. Scott responds to this in the most beautiful way possible. Letting the frequencies present become the voice of his emotions, rugged drums and introspective keys tell the story better than anything can. It’s glossy, moving, futuristic and a feast of sounds.


Olivia Louise – Rainbow (Prod. Gautier)


You might like my sweetness. :) Olivia says in her signature delicate voice. This time, the inflection’s different. With a vocal performance that presents a vulnerability that millions can relate too, Gautier setting up the track with muted synths, drums that play peek-a-boo with rhythms disappearing and re-appearing and off-shoots of bass, the combination leads to a remarkable end product.

In a year of “I like chocolat-o but I never eat the Kit Kat”s, Olivia makes a great statement in reclamation.


Lord Apex – Rizla (prod. N2Deep)

There was alot of competition of which Lord Apex track made the cut here, but I personally feel Rizla is a great representative of where Lord Apex stands at the end of 2015. An artist dropping project after project, bookmarks it with flows that only Apex can tap into.

“I stay with my beliefs, that’s why the work’s been consistent”.  Rightly so, Apex.


Blue Canarinho – Dedicated to Her (Original Mix)

Starting with a simple bassline filtered, the track evolves as a 7 minute 4 to the floor banger. The full effect of that bassline doesn’t even come in till the 2 minute mark! What a cheat! But minimal production that brings to memory the finest slices of 90’s IDM juxtaposed with vintage Armand Van Helden, this is a undisputed winner.


Cahoots Camp – There’s No Up Or Down in Space

If there’s a song that can bring imagery to the mind like a train of fast snapshots of the year, this song can do it. Production that takes a nod to the shoegaze soundscape with spacious guitars with modern electronics and flying textures, it’s a treat to hear. Lyrically, the request for a means of stability is a means I’m sure everyone wants. Change is difficult, but Cahoots Camp grab change and run with it, making it theirs.


Hannah Diamond – Hi

This song encapsulates modern interaction in online spaces and the loneliness that can be felt within this even though there’s so many people around, ultimately the longing for something more within the connection. The strikes of genius within the lyrics are my personal favourite along with the PC-music brushes of vocal chops and resolution at the 2 minute mark.

I don’t want to be alone in my bedroom
Writing messages you won’t read
I don’t want to be alone in my bedroom
On the internet
Waiting to say

A sentiment that’s near and dear.

Ultimately this is only the iceberg of great music in 2015. Here’s to a wonderful 2016, where the potential for even more possibilities are.

This is MisterrCha signing off wishing everyone a safe entry to 2016.

Till next time.


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Written by MisterrCha


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