Hindsyte Returns to Rap, Inspired by His Late Aunt: With “Headphones” (prod. Teddy Roxpin)

He’s usually planning. He’s the first to give you positive feedback to push you in the right direction. Making damn sure you don’t stay off path.

So, thus: I’ve been waiting for this moment: my good friend’s return to rap for almost 2 years now.

And I’m happy to say it. Hindsyte is back. Strong.

Yes, it feels good to give back but the problem to most people who support you is sometimes their music isn’t so great. That’s just the brutal truth. Even though you’d love to highlight their music, you wan’t to have some filters or no one will respect your website.

He wanted to make sure his quality wasn’t wack before his return.

And make sure he did, as you’ll see on this impressive cut & reintroduction to the world. Produced by Teddy Roxpin: anyone who has been in the scene a couple years definitely will know who he is. The people PAY attention when they see that name on the credits. At least I know I and the other main bloggers around here do.

The man has produced some HEAT for Mac Miller. And Hindsyte delivers here matching the beat perfectly with the slightly gloomy delivery in his voice.

A very strong chorus and strong intro “I never stop thinking”, make this track a complete package. As artists, we can really relate to that intro: We all overthink.

The Story With His Aunt

I had to ask him, if there was a story he could go into more from this song because I could hear the passion. Who was it dedicated to.

I said “this is VERY heartfelt” and he said yes that this was for his Aunt!

To quote the song:

Polio destroyed her life
To watch it was insufferable,
I got her picture on my desk so she can see me suffer too

He told me:

She was paralyzed for over 50 years and her upbeat attitude was amazing.

She was never complaining and she she never made excuses. She got a college degree. She’s one of my main inspirations.

That hit me. I pressed more, because this was a topic very interesting specifically to me too – being able to persevere past paralysis and live happy. How do they freaking do it. I have SO much respect for them. And believe with my heart its possible.

He added on more, to make it probably the most memorable conversation of the month.

Anytime I complain about something, I always try to stay grounded by thinking about my aunt!! She was always positive and she worked so hard to achieve her goals. The stuff I take for granted is stuff that she struggled to do, yet she always reached her goals. I definitely learned a very important life lesson from her.

It really is all about your mindset. I used to let fear of failure and small annoyances cripple me and ultimately postpone my goals. I would get so hung up on stuff and stop the forward progression. That mindstate is now completely altered and I owe part of that to her!


Congrats to Ryan on a successful return.

I told him his Aunt would be proud hearing this. And now she lives on through music because of him – and touches more than just his & her family’s life. Thank you Ryan for allowing me to share this story & the bravery it took to release it.


Random dadspiration

This picture and motivation from his dad I found on his instagram really touched me.

hindsyte ryan success

#Buildyoursupportsystem. Bet he taught him a lot about revitalizing yourself and making strong comebacks.

Written by Shawn Patel

Founder of ProU - Not sure what to write here. I like marketing. I like rapping. I like clapping. I like laughing.
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