Uncle Sam & Tim Nihan Win Creative Campaign Award For “They Don’t Know About It”

Congratulations to Uncle Sam & Tim Nihan for winning the ProU award for most creative marketing campaign of Summer 2015 for a track. The specific track is an uptempo one by the name of “They Don’t Know About It” 

It started off with a lot of doppelgänger references. People had confused Tim for Uncle Sam & Uncle Sam for Tim (I was guilty of this. One radio picture of Sam at the LFOD radio site had got me thinking ‘oh wow Tim has grown a beard!’). Uncle Sam seemed to get enough of these comparisons that he knew they had to do something about it. Why not create a song & take advantage of it?

The campaign started with some statuses claiming the other rapper is lame & that “people were calling me him. And it’s ridiculous”

At first glance the beef seemed real. The artificially constructed beef definitely tricked a lot of people, without further investigation.

Your first thought was “Man these are two cool rising figures in the Boston scene. Why do they gotta beef?!” You wouldn’t think a rapper, even jokingly would try to snip into the reputation of another artist from our scene. Hip hop and Boston hip hop historically has been just TOO egotistical to have anyone joking about their rap skills. Everybody is supposed to take themselves super seriously & claim they are the “Best rapper since sliced Eminem”, right?

But the unity these days in Boston is great, and these are two goofs (who are proud of being themselves). So the “risk” they took ended up in a lot of attention and two very well-received videos (which they released as EMBEDDED Facebook videos).

That was a very key component to the success, as Facebook is 100x more likely to show embedded FB videos to audiences. They don’t want people to leave Facebook. This is why a YouTube link might get “1 like” but you will see the same video posted directly to Facebook with 20 likes.

Part of what culminated was an incredibly funny studio session parody video taken at “The Bridge Sound & Stage” where they switched spots. The film, shot by Downlow Productions served as promo for the “They Don’t Know About It” upcoming music video. But the genius of it was that it could be enjoyed alone – even if you didn’t like any of their music. It was incentive to watch the video, saying “these guys are funny. let me see if their music is any good”. It was something funny enough to share on its own merit. This is more of what Boston hip hop needs to be noticed on a national scale. People should study the creativity – and think of their own campaigns. Here’s the music video that followed.

The level they got both videos promoted was considerable. And Tim Nihan I believe is a very underrated marketer from our area. If you pay close attention to the moves you’ll see & also witness the support he gets.

He knows Photoshop, as a designer & has a keen eye (as well as ear, obv) for what people will like and what will catch their eye. That’s just one skill he’s developed for many years which certainly doesn’t hurt his chance for success. Lately he’s been on a streak of popular tracks.

And Uncle Sam’s successfully skyrocketing LFOD radio show and tour for his “Get Off My Lawn” album certainly puts him in position to have an extremely promising career if he keeps it up. These two guys are prime example of why having a magnetizing personality helps your chances in a very saturated game.

A funny back-to-back scene that made me giggle audibly:

Uncle Sam they dont know
“Maybe we could do a trilogy” – Uncle Sam

tim nihn they dont know

This video makes you wonder how many people collabing are REALLY making fun of their collab partners, while the red button is off.

Written by Shawn Patel

Founder of ProU - Not sure what to write here. I like marketing. I like rapping. I like clapping. I like laughing.
Website: http://www.facebook.com/ShawnPatel

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