[ProU Premiere] Aisling Peartree Drops “Catch Me Lord” Off Unreleased Debut Album

The long-awaited self-titled album by (incredibly talented) singer “Aisling Peartree” is slated for this fall and has been building QUITE the anticipation from the Boston music scene already. Industry insiders already have caught wind of her working on the album, and you may have heard one of the hits “End Of Story” that has garnered 5,000 plays – PRODUCED by Massachusetts legend Termanology. One of my favorite singing tracks to come out of New England, period.

This here, though is the first promo single for the album run and Producers United is proud to be the outlet chosen to premiere it. It is called “Catch Me Lord” featuring recent Mind Spray winner “Shalom”, whom, speaking of buzzing – is making quite a buzz in the Boston scene. The emcee will be headlining September 20th w/ Ed O.G & Tim Nihan of ProU. And her & Aisling will be performing “Catch Me Lord” there, so DO NOT MISS IT.

Like the amazing track? Download it for free by clicking here.

Trust me when I say – that this duo’s chemistry is UNDENIABLE, and Aisling leaves it ALL on the stage when she performs. The same can definitely be said for Shalom. They performed for the first time together at the “Fitchburg Block Party” this summer and the video that was posted of their presence showed the crowd clearly in an uproar.

The atmospheric instrumental is composed by our choice for producer of the year Jon Glass

Three beasts, one track.
Wouldn’t expect anything less.

We hope you enjoy & cop the free download. And make sure to see her live Sep 20th because its quite an experience. Support the album when it comes out. I’ve gotten a sneak peak and it’s going to be something special.

Written by Shawn Patel

Founder of ProU - Not sure what to write here. I like marketing. I like rapping. I like clapping. I like laughing.
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