[Hip Hop Entrepreneur Spotlight] Nasir of Straight Path Jewlz

[Hip Hop Entrepreneur Spotlight] Nasir of Straight Path Jewlz

Celebrities globally wear his jewels.

For our first hip hop entrepreneur spotlight, we are proud to present to you: Nasir of Straight Path Jewlz. Watch this video above to see all types of artists that readers of this blog respect – whom you grew up listening to, rocking the pieces. That’s an Afrika Bambaataa co-sign to his company to open the video. Like what?!

It is a humble entrepreneur – a story of a spiritual & dedicated father, making his dreams come true despite setbacks and what seemed impossible in the beginning.

Immortal Technique to Dead Prez to KRS-One are seen performing & wearing these one of a kind hand-crafted glass-blown art jewels. This will be a hip hop blast through the past for you.

zoo lew

I thought this above piece was absolutely dope.

He found his niche & saw that nobody was doing it. He discovered it through ordering a custom piece through a friend. And the piece just wasn’t what he wanted. So he filled a a niche and thought “well this sucks this isn’t offered, let me meet this need – and offer something unique”. This same recipe and thinking was used to fuel and launch many of the of the most successful companies and services in our lifetime.

Now he’s traveling the world, visiting touring exotic locations to see the artists that are wearing his brand globally – all while absorbing the positive mindset & energy these figures transmit — whom are aligned with the positive lifestyle that him & the SPJ company promotes. I can only imagine how crazy that experience has been so far.

I’d say that’s pretty successful. Living an integrated healthy life – this is what a true entrepreneur is. Someone who can maintain and excel in relationships (fatherdom, etc) all while building & running passion-filled ventures.

Stay tuned, and grab a jewel for yourself or as a gift for someone who loves hip hop or spirituality!

Any questions or to order just call/text Nasir about your custom inquiry at 413-687-8758. Or Email is: straightpathjewlz@gmail.com

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Nasir of Straight Path Jewlz"]

Written by Shawn Patel

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