[Exclusive Interview] M-Dot Reveals Secrets Behind His Work Ethic & Success

[Exclusive Interview] M-Dot Reveals Secrets Behind His Work Ethic & Success

M-Dot Reveals Secrets Behind Long-Sustained Hip Hop Career & Shares Personal Insights On Juggling Life Responsibilities & Relationships Between It All.


We are extremely happy to announce a long-waited interview by a close affiliate and brother: M-Dot of Boston and the EMS Crew.  We have been coordinating an interview for a few months, but hard work & persistence pays off.  What we love about M-Dot is he doesn’t miss an opportunity. From the smallest of magazines to the biggest of blogs. But he made sure to give some extra personal answers for us because he loves our group & he’s a genuine dude . He could have forgot about it (but he was determined to make it happen) . One thing about M-Dot is he has an unheard of knack for juggling many things at once.

And we really appreciate that this gentleman who has worked with Method Man and the legend Buckwild: has taken his time out to interview with us. So we hope you enjoy.

That not-missing-any-opportunity-style is the reason you get 10+ years in the game & still going forward EACH & EVERY day. A reason I look up to him. Quits not in his vocabulary just like this video by him x Miles Joyner tells you. He’s toured Europe 8 times – but he treats every day as it’s day one. You can’t get that mindset by reading positive quotes. There’s a special DNA required for that. Hanging around and conversating/working with M-Dot certainly helps you absorb that appreciation of life and the journey, though! His happiness and hunger is contagious. The amount of people he’s inspired I’m sure is considerable – and we hope this article makes that # even higher and makes you a fan of this amazing human & artist.

The Interview

1. What has it taken to come to this point in your career and how are you feeling about this Method Man release? (Any specific story where it REALLY hit you also like ‘WOW I have a song with freakin’ METHOD MAN).

M-Dot: Its been a long bumpy road for sure, that being said…there is still so much left to do!! Staying hungry and not becoming complacent has always been the mind-state and I hope to maintain that as I progress. Nevertheless it’s still surreal being able to partake in some of things I have encountered over the years (features, shows, etc). Anybody who knows me will tell you I am still a little kid, constantly excited, high-energy and amped in general. So to be able to travel places, work with legends I look up to (past & present) and continue doing stuff I dreamed of…yeah, no question it has me elated daily [laughs].

I get excited to be on small radios, small shows, no matter what I have done I appreciate it all. Cause when I started we had to fight for all those things [love that]. Years ago not EVERYBODY was a rapper, so there were less channels to express yourself, you had to be extra prepared and extra skilled because there were less chances (to get a good show, producers to work with you, etc.). If you were wack there was less tolerance. Nowadays, well nowadays…. haha we all know that people can be heard no matter their skill set (social media avenues and promoters booking whoever pays to open).

For “Shine” (the Method Man song): we were sitting on it for a very very long time (imagine haha). After my breakup with my daughter’s mother it was difficult to write any music that didn’t consist of lyrics pertaining to the relationship. So that – on top of waiting for Meth’s approval (had to wait for his “ok” after hearing my verse) ate up a lot of the anticipation of release (for us, Producer DC & I). YET…..Once Meth approved (after 5 months) it kinda kicked in like this IS GONNA HAPPEN. Nothing though topped the moment when it first hit the internet. Thats I guess when it was like “wow”. Seeing it go live. Like this is real….not just on my computer in my basement hidden. And the reaction to it….

2. What’s a personal favorite line on your verse & the meaning behind it – the deeper story why talking about why it is meaningful to you ?

M: I think the aforementioned “Shine” ironically contains a bunch of lines I immediately reflect on. If I had to choose one section to showcase in this piece I guess I’d go with:

You ever wanted something so bad every second you imagine that you’re seconds from having it, its affecting your friendships eventually wrecking your chances
of meeting someone whose wedding is planned as marrying a rapper who doesn’t get checks or advances, just cash & trips out to France with your Vets in a band with,
Better chances of your feet stepping foot on the steps of Atlantis/

Ya’ll don’t get it, it ain’t everything it seems on TV,
Pray for those that dream to be me, cause I dream for the grief to leave me/

That just sums up a lot of this whole “road” as I also talked about in the first question. I used to think the journey was so cool, still do!! However that doesn’t necessarily mean a girlfriend, family members and friends who are directly affected by the tours and lifestyle are gonna still find it “cool” as you get older. Essentially the struggle of an independent artist intensifies as you get older and have more responsibilities. Relationships overall tend to be way less stable with touring and financial insecurities. And the set of lines above explore that, as well as the people (‘for those that dream’) from the outside watching assuming everything is so “perfect” when in reality working a 9-5, having a house, a stable family etc… is more impressive to me. Regardless, I feel though there is no turning back for me, especially after all that I have dedicated and lost (my ex-girl so forth) so I’M RIDING THIS TILL THE WHEELS FALL OFF. No excuses. Have to succeed.

mdot dj premier

3. What are your goals with it’s exposure?

M: I’d love it to be opened (via email) by EVERY person who is supposed to receive it (major DJ’s, sites, fans of WU Tang, anybody who has ever dug my music). Having it heard by all those the song is intended for is the goal. Give it a chance (ears to listen) and it will strive. The website Ambrosia for Head’s said (in December) it was “Method Man’s best song of 2014!” Thats definitely humbling to be apart of.

[I’d say he was pretty successful with it, considering he obtained 50,000 plays on SoundCloud (while only starting up with SC near the time of release) & over 2 million listens worldwide when you count the listens on Shade 45 (2 million listeners), Jamn 94.5 launch pad in Boston (hundreds of thousands of listeners) and all the DJs including DJ Premier – and shows that played it across the nation. Probably every nation in the world had ears for this one]

4. What is the story behind how it came together?

M: I’m really good friends with the producer DC Soulplusmind (met in LA where, he resides, years back) and he mentioned that he was sitting on the record…if I’d like to be on it as well.  It was a pretty quick answer [laughs]. I guess Meth, while in Cali, had laid down the verse over DC’s beat (mentioning even DC’s name in the end of the first verse) and originally intended for the song to be on a new Method Man CD! The song didn’t make the album cut and Meth told DC he could keep it (albeit he had to approve any other guest verses). I did my 32 bars, we added another friend and femcee Dominique Larue, I then added Katy Gunn on the chorus, got permission to use it for my album, ‘Ego and the Enemy’ [stay tuned] , and you know the rest….

On a side note, there will be a second Method Man song! You heard news of it here first. And the track will include another WU member, maybe 2. “Shine part 2” is coming!

creative m dot

5. How much work did it take behind the scenes for something like this to become successful?

M: Aside from the months of waiting, leading up to approval and release, there was a lot of mixing (3 separate verses from different states, and a chorus from another country – Katy lives in Germany), mastering, art & so forth. But that wasn’t the extensive work. The promo was when the work went into overdrive. Gotta thank the dream team I had with me… Rev (of EMS, my right hand man, and best friend, most selfless cat I know), Shawn Patel (Team ProU… I’m sure you know this kind gentleman), P.R DEAN (NY Homie who does blasts), DJ Workshard (Another longtime friend, and “Own Lane Music” label owner who believes in me) and Dub MD (the work Dub put in was remarkable): 100k plays later, we are still getting new listeners to the record. Video COMING!!

[I can also co-sign on Dub MD on doing a great job & being an absolutely remarkable provider of promotion. He works his ass off 1000%. Hit him up at Dub84 [at] aol [dot] com] – make sure to bring that quality work, because he’s selective of who he works with, just like I am.

S/O to M-Dot’s right hand man Rev: it was inspiring to see how hard he worked on the promotion for the “Shine” track. There aren’t two people in the world that understand the hard work it takes to promote a track more than Rev & M-Dot. They know that when you release a track it’s ONLY THE START of the grind. You can have the dopest track – but if you don’t put 100x the time it took to make it, into the pushing of it – you’re following the wrong protocol. M has witnessed dozens of tracks with amazing features but that get absolutely nowhere. These two were willing to work harder than ANY of the people they hired, as well. And that has to be the attitude – ALWAYS. 

6. How long have you been in the game & what kind of attitude does it take to make it?

M: 16 years been writing/recording, but as far as taking the craft serious where I was getting paid for shows and whatnot…I think around my junior year of college (10 years ago). So being in the “game”: ten years. I’ve seen em come and seen em go, so the best attitude I’d suggest/demeanor is being relentless and perseverant. A lot of obstacles you run into, a lot of locked doors, it’s the ability in those situations to always find a way, and the courage to always KEEP IT MOVING. Don’t sweat the small stuff, don’t speak on the nonsense or negative energy you ever feel, don’t complain, just keep it moving. Rise above

j rose fire

M-Dot Rising Above Any Fire That Comes Along During His Life.

7. How have you been able to get the attention of huge producers such as Hi Tek, Marley Marl , 7L and Buckwild.

For example I feel as an artist to create a song with Buck would be legendary and a sign of making it. I mean he produced the absolute staple EVERYONE in rap knows Big L “Put It On”! He’s worked with The Notorious B.I.G, Fat Joe, 50 cent, Nas, Big Pun and was called by HipHopDX one of the industry’s most prolific producers of all time. Now you’re working with him. But you just look at it as one step and want to accomplish it all, which I really respect.

But yes: what kind of things have to happen in order to develop relationships with some of these legends? If you want to go into a specific story of like how you met Buck or Marl, or anyone big that would be helpful in illustrating.

Once again it goes back to being around the music scene for so long. A large portion of my relationships stem from meeting people on tours, studios, festivals and other musical outlets. I am a fan of all these producers I have been lucky enough to work with as well. That feeling doesn’t expire.

The Marley song was sent to me from my brother BAM (NY). He asked me to jump on a joint (produced by Marley for BAM’s project), I did my verse, they dug it and then I got sent a record to use for my album weeks later. Marley is beyond a legend (Premo credits him as his biggest inspiration for production), so yeah that was DEFINITELY humbling! Most of the artists I have worked with don’t do many (if any) underground features (Method Man, Camp Lo, Hi Tek, Marley Marl), which is always my goal…work with people who may like my music aside from monetary means.

Buckwild I was connected with through Benefit (EMS) and his homie Rap P (NY) set it up. Let me tell you: Buck was one of the coolest so far I have been able to work with. Got on the phone and dude was so down to earth. 7L thats my dog!!!! He looked out for me since I first started making music “outside my basement.” He is one of nicest people I have ever met (music or not). I met him through my neighbor (which happens to be his first cousin). Greeks are close, so that connection was easy lol.  There’s too many stories. One that comes to mind is J Rawls (Produced 2 tracks on BLACK STAR) & Dominique Larue (see everything is full circle) hit me up when I was on tour in Columbus (Ohio). She was like come to the studio. I’m like cool. I get there…its J’s crib (this is before “Shine”) man I was like J RAWLS!! He played a beat. I said this is dope…he passed me a notebook. You know obviously what came next.

mos def black

Thinking of that story I gotta shout out my best friend and college homie Big Pat Reardon. He rolled with me. College basketball teammate of mine. Walked in J’s studio with this 6′ 10 telephone pole [laughs]

[J Rawls produced ‘Brown Skin Lady’ one of my favorite Black Star tracks of all time. Damn]

8. How has positivity set a model in your life? Because as a friend I’ve seen you’re always full of energy & positivity – how does this help bring you to your destination (are you spiritual in any sense too or just a general believer of having good faith & charisma & such?)

M: I live by good energy. Its a combination of everything (faith, demeanor, mindset). Smiling just feels good. Why does everybody fight it? hahaha

For real though man….What’s the point of wasting a minute? [amen]


Thank you M-Dot for the interview.

To describe him in one word, it would be: consistency. He doesn’t claim to be the Gandhi of hip hop, but he’ll outwork you & he’s darn talented : like this B-Sting track will show you. Who else is alliterating like that!?

Peep his website: www.mdotboston.com here , and his full SoundCloud here.

Go to his Facebook Page and you’ll see he responds to pretty much every fan comment [for his example the post here with his DJ Premier photo I was blown away. I respect this man a lot for the little things like this]

Subscribe to his videos here. The journey is just beginning… Stay tuned for his CD “Ego and the Enemy”!  Make sure you’re also on the lookout for the “Shine” animated video & “Shine Pt. 2”. This man keeps the hungry underground fans fed. I’m drooling already thinking about some of this content we are going to be able to consume.

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M-Dot Reveals Secrets Behind His Work Ethic & Success"]

Written by Shawn Patel

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