As Mike Wing Preps For Headline Gig: “Mind Spray” Track Breaks 4000 Plays

Mike Wing’s “Mind Spray” track that uses the monthly $100 Open Mic as the concept of the chorus – surpasses 4,000 plays as he prepares for his headliner debut tomorrow in Boston. It’s become a community in itself. Suffice to say a few new people have heard of the platform, now JUST because Mike has created a song behind it – and gone through the effort of getting art, etc done for the track.

He will be performing this crowd-pleaser and more at Wonderbar Sunday night alongside John Robinson (the NJ legend aka Lil Sci’ from Scienz of Life), and Fat P (a dope performer). Mike gives his full energy during his performances, and you bet he will be raising it ONE bar higher as this is his own show.

There’s always good open mic performances as well. Yours truly, Shawn Patel will be doing a comedy rap during the open mic portion – that always gets wild reactions.  Come through for a great time and your chance to win $100 + studio time + your own headline. Ladies free before 10.

Salute to Light-Foot of The Bridge Sound & Stage for engineering the track – and providing a platform for many emerging artists to best their music. Credit to God Damn Chan for the production.

Written by Shawn Patel

Founder of ProU - Not sure what to write here. I like marketing. I like rapping. I like clapping. I like laughing.

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