Tim Nihan’s Influence On Me

Tim Nihan’s Influence On Me

Tim Nihan’s Influence On Me & What He Can Teach Us About Being Too Hard On Ourselves

I try to keep this article as short as possible. But you can tell I really get carried away when talking about one of my best – most dear friends: Mr. Tim Nihan

tim nihans influence on me

This article is basically a question I asked him as I was going through a hard time (+ family pressures) & his advice that follows. We had a long conversation following it – but I think what he said will inspire you. Especially if you are in the same boat of people who are too hard on themselves.

(Not the highest resolution photo. It’s the only photo I have with him somehow & prob the first we took. But it meant a lot for me to find it & include it because of that. These are our 2 GB ProU USB wristbands. He was the first to see them & get one.)

I’m feeling pretty happy right now
But at the same time there’s mixed feelings.

For example, I know that in the back of my head I’m saying “This is sad, I should have released this article three weeks ago when I first started writing it”. But that won’t matter. Tim is not going to be like “Hey man, I like the article you made but that discussion we had was over a week old! Why are you saying I’m an influence to you now on May TWENTIETH?”

No one’s as hard on you as you are on yourself. He might even say “I’m glad that it meant so much to you that you STILL decided to put it up – I know how much music gets pitched to the blog daily – but you put that conversation up first”. And he’s always so grateful. The simple things in life make him happy. And he makes others happy. Ultra respect to this man. 

We hope to just show, in this article, that you are VERY much loved in life by the people around you – and you’re trying your BEST – so be easy on yourself man! That’s what I learned through this. “Be easy on yourself, Shawn”. We don’t want you to struggle like some of the struggle we felt when we got caught up in the past. It’s not necessary. It doesn’t help you progress. Sometimes you need your best friends to help you – and it’s OKAY TO ASK!

I’ve learned in the past you need to reach out to friends before you get stuck too deep in your turmoil and you think its inescapable. This is what real friends are for. And yes, friends like Tim are rare.

Conversation/The Question: An Insight Into The Minds of Two Ambitious Friends


Me: Personally I feel I’m not where I want to be: physically (gym), marketing-wise & success in that field, team-recognition wise (ProU), job experience, and all. I psyche myself out & always fail to reach my goals.

Do you have any tips on being able to handle things when you’re not happy with your performance?


I think the biggest thing is I try to take some pressure off myself.

I think we are very similar in that way. We are hard on ourselves, yet ask anyone else what they think of us. The answer is usually that we’re amazing people yet I don’t feel that way about myself. Or at least not very often. I think you touch the lives of more people than you think. And as hard as I am on myself, I could argue I’ve touched a good amount of people [damn right you have]. But I want to do that on a large scale. And from our conversations, you do too. Which I love about you.. but at the same time, I think it is important to remember what we have done. Like you told me about me being on the scene and all I have done in a few short months etc.

Think about the way people speak of you, the advice you give. The constant positivity you share, the funny things you share. You’re a rare person. I think being hard on yourself comes with the type of person you are. But every once in a while man, don’t be so hard on yourself. If you died today you still would have done more for others than I’d say 90% of the people I know. And for me, doing things for others is what life is about (even though I lose sight of that often .. when I see this truth, that is the only way I find real happiness. [beautiful]

I think also with certain things like exercise, it’s so hard for me to find motivation. And I often times just say fuck it and don’t do it. And I do that enough times until it’s no longer in my routine so that I don’t even feel bad when I don’t do it because it’s not even a part of my day anymore so I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. But when I was killing it in the Summer / Early Fall with the workouts: Every day I just made myself. I would always tell myself, “my feelings don’t dictate my actions”.. So yeah sure, I definitely didn’t “feel” like working out. I may have felt like I couldn’t do it. But those are just feelings. The fact of the matter is, I’m in control of my actions. It’s not what I feel, it’s what I do.

It hasn’t been a year since Tim Nihan made his return to performing and his name has been EVERYWHERE. He seriously does so much and I’m so proud of him. He just does NOT stop making good music. But he puts in all the work / marketing behind it that’s necessary too. There was a period of a few weeks this year where it seemed he was on EVERY feature and he would ether each and every single feature verse for it. Who else in our city can you say achieved this??? I can’t think of anybody. There’s a reason everyone wants him on their track. Just a year ago he was too scared to step on stage. But look at him now. And it couldn’t be happening to a better person.

Of course I profusely thanked him for this response and our conversation. It’s probably one of the most meaningful things and dialogues anyone has ever shared with me / cared to inspire me with.

We hope this was the article – though – to finally have convinced you to IGNORE YOUR INNER-CRITIC and just continue on with daily actions toward your dreams – of blood, sweat, and tears ; because no one said it would be easy. Doesn’t mean it can’t be fun though – or that you have to listen to your inner-critic and give in. EVERY SINGLE PERSON has those doubts you are having. The successful people are just the best at ignoring them.

Good luck.

How would I describe Tim? He’s the definition of a good friend – and I admire him. I performed a line at Mind Spray once that I mean with all my heart “How can you say that the human race is DYIN: When we still got people like Tim Nihan?!”

It got quite a cheer, because his family & friends recognize the truth in that message stemming from his rare genuine character of love and goodness. I can’t wait to see all his dreams come true. But we both know we must be patient with ourselves. And appreciate all the love around us.

Peace & check his new video with Justin Clancy that inspired me if you haven’t caught enough inspiration from what he wrote in this post. You GOTTA love the messages these young kids are spreading through their music. They’ve been through a SHITLOAD, and are trying to make your life better — through giving you lessons they learned so you don’t have to experience what they had to – serious drug battles & more. The key is they overcame it. Warriors.

Bonus: this “Pacquiao” is one of the most passionately performed verses of the year by Tim or anyone IMO, I just completely felt the realness and had goosebumps when I first heard it.  Must have played it 25 times in a row. The first single off his & Clancy’s upcoming project F.M.I!

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Written by Shawn Patel

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