Most Primed For Success 18 Y/Os In Hip Hop: Tashawn & Lotus Taylor

Most Primed For Success 18 Y/Os In Hip Hop: Tashawn  & Lotus Taylor

Sudden Realization: “We can do this music shit” ūüėģ¬†

DISCLAIMER: The only way this article is biased is that I haven’t met every 18 year old rapper on the planet. Beyond that, I barely just met these 2 – and I KNOW¬†they are gonna make it.¬†Been following them online for a bit and had a hunch about Lotus after seeing his insatiable hunger. Now my hunch is confirmed about BOTH¬†of their futures after seeing them perform at “The Experience” hosted by Riggz Two Nice this past¬†Friday.

They make a great duo & push each other. A rare friendship that is also the trademark symbol of a budding career-partnership. You hear of Q-Tip & Phife Dawg meeting each other and building from a young age. I have a feeling these two will replicate the same – or probably – an even stronger bond – to help make sure each of them reaches the top of hip hop’s heights. It doesn’t just take trying nowadays – it takes serious talent, networking skills, unheard of smarts, being willing to die to make it, and thinking outside the box. These two have enough of each quality¬†above to make it through to the promise-land.

Also it doesn’t hurt to have two of the most level-headed game-ready work-horse producers in the state on your side of the ring: as your main mentors / role models. Light Foot and The Arcitype. Plus Darrin Korte of The Hip Hop Transformation program.

Rising in the City Vol 1: Tashawn & Lotus Taylor

Are Tashawn Taylor & Lotus Taylor the most primed for success 18 year olds in the entire hip hop industry? We at Producers United think so. Why am I saying so? Well, for many reasons. But, on Friday I was fortunate enough to meet the two pals from different gals – performing live at the Lily Pad in Boston.

I was already impressed, before meeting them. From what I heard on SoundCloud and for example : Tashawn throwing down one of the most passionate contest entries — for our $100 J1K contest – that I’ve seen all year of ANY contest.

Friday Night: “The Experience”

One things for sure: They made your average brown bro feel like Donald Trump! I was like “Why are these performing dudes whom I feel are famous to me, and are about to dominate the stage –¬†acting like EYE¬†am the one whose famous!?!”. That feels good.¬†The man Lotus makes sure you take a selfie [and they are really good at marketing it & documenting the time they had, post-concert]. They are very solid at pre-marketing their performance too. Supporting their co-horts on the bill. You would be stupid, as an event promoter, to not want these two on your bill.

One of the most impressive required elements in order to make it that they possess in abundance is stage ability & commanding presence while up there! Something that Lotus is a natural at, yet still humble up there & very thankful for each and every person who came out. He’ll make SURE¬†you know he’s thankful of you. The song that the crowd loved by him was “Myself”.

What else inspired me about him is just how much fun he has at these concerts: how WILLING he is to let loose [wish I had a video capturing this – because you wouldn’t understand]. If you’re going crazy in the audience, talking to all the members & hyping them up – how much better do you think your show will go!? A LOT better! What happens? It transforms a show experience from a ‘good show’ ¬†to a ‘memorable’ one. Not many people/artists have the b*lls to do that, though, period. I don’t feel it’s a teachable skill. Anyone can talk to people in the crowd. But can you inspire Lotus-Level titillation in them? Doubt it.

And don’t get me started on Tashawn. A.K.A the Hip Hop Nutrition facts guy – serving size: 1 verse.


Two Brown Guys With “Shawn” In Their Name

I call this picture “TaShawn N Shawn”. Damn that rhymes. Watch me perform soon. We just two brownie Shawnies trying to make it from Scrawny to Brawny. From silver to bronzy. And we love our mommy. S/O to all the nights ¬†we were feelin lazy and they did our laundry. Sometime’s we wuz stressed – feelin zombie, but they had¬†our back – like¬†Shrek¬†had donkey.

Speaking of mothers, he has some of the realest statuses of anyone I know ¬†– and that’s something I highly respect about him. He can show his feelings / vulnerability / and will inspire you. You can clearly¬†see his goodness. And we all want to see / root for the good guys to win in hip hop, as my friend Bedlam said. Check out this one.

remember mothers day tashawn taylor

That really hit me.

Wipe your tears, and add him to Facebook here. Message him though to say who you are, or where you found him¬†from so he knows. I hate when people assume you automatically will know them when you create a friend request. That’s terrible networking. I wonder what peoples accept rates are with those random requests. Barely anyone bothers to introduce themselves. You wouldn’t ask a stranger for a piece of chewing gum without first introducing yourself, so don’t do the same thing online.

Back to the night:

riggz oh yeah

The man Tashawn opened up the concert with SO much energy. Woke the hell up out of the crowd – whom was unexpectedly ready for it to get popping. He definitely started off “The Experience” w/ the right experience (pun intended)

the experience flyer

It’s unusual that you’ll have people excited for the very beginning of a show to start – for a hip hop event. But clearly this day was different – as people must have realized there wasn’t one weak act on the bill. And with the homie “Jizz Unique” of The Brain Collective performing – you can’t really expect anything less.

When you’re as cool as¬†Tashawn or Lotus you have a lot of supportive friends too. But everyone in the packed crowd who had never heard of him was like HUH! Who is this kid?! He’s good. That’s exactly what my friend/hip hop enthusiast/MC Mikki Minaj expressed. We were all wondering and shocked that he was only 18. Putting us to embarrassment¬†with his passion and energy levels. That should¬†influence you to get better at whatever field you are in – seeing these young lions go so hard.

You can tell Lotus & Tashawn have been rapping a LONG time – or either way – are close to putting in the 10,000 hours that are needed to begin being a master at a craft. This is what these two were meant to do. And they take it that serious.

His attitude is incredible. The host (and performer) of the night who organized it – Riggz Two Nice, had this to say:

Those two are easily the most personable two youngsters I’ve ever met. More than just dope music, they have good attitudes. That’s what is really important

At every hype song from each performer he wanted to come to the front and do hype-manning for them. I thought this was the coolest thing ever. And something that really shows who Tashawn is. Because he could easily be a cocky asshole like most rappers.

Only thing is most rappers don’t make it. He’s different (And I doubt the cocky behavior would have been accepted nor it was the way he was raised). He’s like the Kevin Durant of rap.

“Livin Different” was another song he murdered live. It’s one of those tracks where the SoundCloud version doesn’t do it justice. The vitality in his performance¬†was infectious and could be felt throughout the room. If you missed it, be there at his next performance.

One thing that confuses me about rap is the amount of rappers that don’t feel they need to get wild when they are performing. Or that just refuse to do it (maybe some feel they are too cool). That was a great thing about that night – Tim Nihan & Mr. Fritz (of ProU), Tashawn, Lotus, and Riggz ALL put¬†strong energy into it & gave their heart to the audience. They leave¬†the majority of themselves up on stage.

[In honor of Mother’s Day watch Riggz and Tim Nihan perform “My Momma Told Me” here]

Some of the most passionate verses I heard this & last year were from Tashawn & Lotus. ¬†That’s when they were 17. And I’m not pro-young person or anything. I’m careful to compliment young people under 20 because they have usually not put in their dues. So it has extra meaning & a big salute to your grind if you’re one of the handful (maybe 5-6 people in the industry under 20 I respect). Token, and SamSullivanBeats are two others under 20 that will make it. Comment, on the article though if you know anyone else who should be on my radar.

Found out about these two from Light-Foot who helped mentor the two young soldiers & who has essentially been a good papa of the industry to them. A much respected producer from the state of Massachusetts. And I listened to his recommendation because I trust him – one of the nicest guys in the industry. He works at The Bridge Sound & Stage in Cambridge (founded by The Arcitype) – or “The Bridge” as many of our city’s emcees simply call it.

Nowadays on many new key Boston song releases you will see “Engineered by Lightfoot at The Bridge” on the credits. As Light Foot/ Lotus / Tashawn / Moe Pope / Fran-P get bigger – they bring the studio more notoriety as well. .

The Hip Hop Transformation! 

These two fledgling artists developed a good bit thanks to “THHT” – The Hip Hop Transformation Program , founded by Darrin Korte.

The Hip Hop Transformation is a program for teens ages 14-18 offered by the Cambridge Community Center in partnership with the Cambridge Health Alliance and Cambridge Police Department. THHT teaches teens the history of hip hop, the role hip hop plays in society, and the skills needed to write, record, and perform original music.

They’ve had some of the most accomplished artists in the area participate in the program. See this article for more on the background story of Korte & Lotus. Very interesting.

This was one of the first songs that impressed me from the two – and one of the first songs that we featured on the Producers United podcast. It’s on the album that THHT released as a collective.

They both went in – Tashawn (2nd verse) has one of my favorite verses of his repertoire on that song.

Check this incredible posse cut produced by The Arcitype. I just absolutely love how this program inspires these kids to dream big – and better themself and push their love to society.

I haven’t come up with a cool ending for the article. If you’re reading this, and are friends or family of these two kind monsters – do them a damn favor and when they got a show coming – share the flyer or tell people about it. Come to a show by them if you haven’t been. If you’re a real friend, change your profile picture to the flyer. Oh wow you have to sacrifice a cute selfie as your main profile picture for a few days. Artists need every little push they can get. Help your people’s dreams come true.

Before they throw THIS song at you.

Stay tuned for Lotus’s album: RE2PECTABLE dropping July 4th. (Follow-up to Respectable).

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Written by Shawn Patel

Founder of ProU - Not sure what to write here. I like marketing. I like rapping. I like clapping. I like laughing.

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