[PREMIERE] Tim Nihan & Justin Clancy – “Pacquiao” ft Ediquette (Prod. Jon Glass)

Who do you think will win the fight tonight: Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather? What kind of stupid name is Mayweather? Anyway, it doesn’t matter who wins tonight, all that matters is Tim Nihan & Justin Clancy have released the first track off their upcoming project together. ProU is honored to be the choice to premiere the “Boxing w/ the devil call me Pacquiao” track or just “Pacquiao” for short (The former is what I personally think it should be called)

The track features Ediquette of Glasshouse and our 2014 producer of the year: Jon freaking BEAST Glass. Someone I look up to and whom created the ill background for the ProU x Downlow “Glassachusetts Cypher” (video here) that amassed 35,000 plays on SoundCloud. He’s also been the beatsmith behind several recent “The Cypher Effect “episodes. Needless to say, his skill/persistence and unbelievably unique and hard-hitting beats constantly impress me. I don’t believe you can pin down his style. He can make ANY type of amazing beat.

When I first heard this track, I was absolutely blown away by Tim Nihan’s verse. I believe this could be the strongest opening verse of the year for any Boston album. Certainly doesn’t hurt to have such a personal high-power intro verse to create that first-impression for anyone who tunes in. My first thought was : “People are gonna remember where they were when they first hear this”. Because it just HITS you. Similar to “Graduation” by Kanye – you just associate a period of time with a high-talent/meaningful album.

I just resonated with his real lyrics so much. Being one of his close friends I know some of the pain him and I go through: and specifically what he’s been through. He’s brave to talk about all this in an ultimately uplifting manner that gives his listeners added hope in life: that if he made it: so can you. He has that slight tone of anger in his verse. I call it angry-happy. Like getting your anger out and turning into positivity because you turned your challenges to something that you appreciate. You are thankful for your “failures” because it made you who you are. If these guys didn’t go through tough points in life – they wouldn’t have such passionate verses or anything to talk about. He has a special gift of getting you hyped when you hear his words on certain tracks like this. He’s been called “the massachusetts hook-killer” for years – and this is another track that confirms that.

Ediquette – a clever lyricist comes with a unique verse & delivery —- no cliche rapper. These 3 IMO created a very cohesive song – that’s hard to do. They didn’t stray far from the main topic. Boxing with the devil and fighting off demons. That’s what I like too – about an atmosphere like this – these guys know every one of them is talented & they don’t want to be outshines. So they will absolutely NOT come with a weak verse.

At the same time these 4 guys are all friends and the sportsmanship drives them further. Talking to Tim: he mentioned how he believed Clancy/Ed KILLED it. They really support each other with their hearts – and that’s needed to be successful in the industry. Ed always ends his verses nicely: as he proclaims “Walk a mile in his shoes before judgin him!”

I’m becoming more a Clancy fan with each verse I hear from him. His passion here and where he slows down is epic. My favorite line: “No bankroll or a range rover but I’m thankful for today though”. He’s another whose been through a lot so I know he means that.

I’m positive I’ll be a complete fan of his after hearing the full album. My favorite video from him thus far has been “Heather Lynn” a personal about his fight with heroin that he has successful been off and been much happier since. Kudos to him.

He’s also done an awesome job growing his fan base & ladies love him.

Written by Shawn Patel

Founder of ProU - Not sure what to write here. I like marketing. I like rapping. I like clapping. I like laughing.
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