I Suppose Shows What It Took To Get A Fanbase In “Truth” Tour Mini-Doc

Hip Hop artist and ProU affiliate from Cali – “I Suppose” (has had co-signs from Hopsin and worked with one of Cali’s largest artist – King Lil G), talks about the grind necessary in this inspiring mini-documentary released after his “Truth” video (Prod. by J1K: the instrumentals you hear in the background are produced by J).

To make it you have to have the obsessed dedication of someone like I Suppose – who will make 125 customized CD freestyles created for his fans, and finish that within two days – and be delivering it to their houses. That’s an example of something he did. He engages and interacts with every single fan who talks to him on Facebook. He will take out his fans for buffalo wings. He will take a picture with every single fan at a concert. He does this and much much more – its been 10+ years of grinding, putting on shows and work that I personally couldn’t imagine. Making it is NO joke. And even AFTER all that work – he gets mad California love – but it’s still a struggle getting national love – you have to continue to tour and each tour you get a few more fans. I saw him and Phora in Boston – and it was a pleasure. Seeing their team grind was great. Makes his own graphics / promotes his own shows / etc – you have to be multi-skilled and independent to have any chance of making it. You can’t waste time – you just have to do. It’s an art that I’m not jealous of – you have to want it more than anything – I Suppose has that special drive. So does Phora. (By the way vote for him for XXL Freshman 2015). I’m rooting for these guys big-time and so should you.

I suppose Cheetos fans

The fans love him. And some hot cheetos!


Written by Shawn Patel

Founder of ProU - Not sure what to write here. I like marketing. I like rapping. I like clapping. I like laughing.
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