Underrated Artist Of The Year: Graphics by RieL

Underrated Artist Of The Year: Graphics by RieL

Give them what they wanna hear see. That’s what Rie (Marie) of Graphics by RieL does so successfully: Our selection for the most overlooked graphic artist of the year (2014). Often artists don’t know when they are nice with the graphical pen (photoshop) so it’s a necessary award!

Though she’s no stranger to the art – she has just opened her business starting to do cover art [and graphics of all types] for other artists.

Based in Boston, she’s been doing art for her husband – Wendall Scott‘s music for over 4 years – He is a well-known hip hop artist from the city & creator of #SMOOVEGang (Strong Minds Opposing Oppression & Various Evils). Before that she was creating logos for her father’s business.

I love discovering skills of people which I had no idea they had. The cool parents have quite the skill set together & make a great team. Something needed when you are raising two young #SmooveChildren of their own! Which I’m sure can be quite the ruckus.

Here is a recent art she did for a crazy track starring Wendall ft Composition & Paranom (Prod. Jon Glass). One of my favorite songs of Q1 2015. The art for it has significant reception.

smoove gang what they wanna hear

Listen below:

And this is my favorite art from her thus far, for EK’s new empowering “Invincible” track.


What separates her from other artists is how easy she is to work with. It’s relatively hard to find an artist whose work you like, but EVEN harder to find one whose not grumpy or lazy. She’s a combination of talented with the art but ALSO very very easy to work with – excellent customer service skills. Awkward in an age with doctors office receptionists oft picking up the phone & yelling at us “Wut the hek do yoo want this time?!” if we call twice in a row.

You can tell how passionate she is about her art. I’m guessing she wouldn’t do art for someone unless she felt their music. She does it strictly for the L-O-V-E. Her prices are affordable

I could be greedy & not tell anyone else – but I won’t be. Hit her up on her page here to inquire..

I believe she’s JUST hitting her stride and if she keeps it up she could be our choice for breakout designer of the year prediction for ProU 2016.

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Written by Shawn Patel

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